The Hamptons Will See a Lot More of Michael Bloomberg Soon

Michael Bloomberg. Photo credit: Genesis Prize
Michael Bloomberg. Photo credit: Genesis Prize

What’s next for outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg after he leaves office December 31? It’s a safe bet he’ll be spending much more time out east in the Hamptons at his Southampton mansion.

Named Ballyshear, the 35-acre estate is located on White’s Lane in the hamlet of Tuckahoe. It was designed around 1913 by F. Burrall Hoffman Jr. Bloomberg purchased Ballyshear in 2011 for $20 million and set about renovating and updating the residence and grounds.

Michael Bloomberg's Hamptons estate. Photo credit: Cully/EEFAS
Michael Bloomberg’s Hamptons estate, Ballyshear. Photo credit: Cully/EEFAS

Bloomberg hasn’t had many opportunities to enjoy Ballyshear since he bought it. He’s been busy, you know, being mayor of the Capitol of the World and all. However, he is known to visit the Hamptons annually for the Hampton Classic Horse Show; his daughter Georgina Bloomberg is a competitive equestrian.

At 71, Bloomberg may settle into Ballyshear for retirement—or he could be a presidential contender in 2016 along with another Hamptons regular, Hillary Clinton.

Back in New York, Bloomberg lives at a town house on East 79th Street. He opted out of living at Gracie Mansion, the mayoral residence, during his 12 years in office, though Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio and family will move in soon.

Bloomberg this year earned the distinction of being named the first recipient of the Genesis Prize for his philanthropy.

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