Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 3, Episode 10: “Exodus”

Revenge Episode 10
Sara makes a great cake! Graphic: Oliver Peterson /ABC

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode yet and don’t want to know who shot Emily, stop here and come back after you’re caught up. For everyone else, we present the Revenge midseason finale — Season 3, Episode 10, “Exodus”…

August 8. The wedding. Emily is shot.

A few hours earlier: Aiden helps Emily draw blood. This ought to be an interesting episode.

Conrad discovers that Lydia had returned to help Margaux expose him for past crimes. Lydia apologizes and implores him to understand that she loves him, but he tells her to get out. Conrad then gets a text from Emily and heads to her house. Emily tells him that Victoria’s not attending the wedding, and although Conrad feels badly that Emily’s day is going to be “ruined,” he says he has no sway with Victoria. After saying she wished she had a family and a father — who would feel the same way she does about Conrad — Emily plants some genius seeds by mentioning that Patrick is the only thing that would make Victoria happy. Conrad gets an idea.

In Montauk, Margaux tells Daniel to hurry home to the wedding, but he’s interrupted by an unusually well-dressed Sara, who was there for her interview about the cake (she still did the cake after all that?!). She wishes him well…sort of.

Back at the manse, Victoria is overjoyed to see Patrick, but Conrad shows up and blackmails her: go to the wedding and Patrick can stay…or else.

Aiden, Nolan and Emily go over their Oceans 11-style plot to take down the Graysons, and — surprise! — it doesn’t involve Emily actually getting shot. Ems will spill a vial of her own blood all over the deck, fire two shots in the air and dive into the ocean. There goes the bullet-proof wedding gown theory. “Let’s take down the Graysons once and for all,” Emily snarls…

But first, pathos! Emily heads to Montauk to say goodbye to Jack. He’s not one for goodbyes, but the two hug. Methinks she still loves him. Emily ruins the nice moment by admitting that she was with Amanda when she died and that she promised to take care of him and Carl. Jack loses it and calls her selfish and that she’s truly taken everything from him. She apologizes. “Goodbye, Jack.” Add one to the suspect list!

Patrick comforts Victoria, who’s miserable that she has to wear a pretty dress and go to a lavish wedding. He promises his melodramatic mama he’ll be there for her. He then heads to Nolan’s and apologizes for leaving so abruptly. Nolan wants to reunite but Patrick tells him Victoria needs him too much. “Sorry. It’s for the best,” he shrugs, leaving Nolan pissed. Add two to the suspect list!

Emily looks at a photo of her and her father when she was younger, but is interrupted by Lydia, who shows her the photo of Emily-as-Waitress. She agrees to give Lydia the beach house back in exchange for her silence. “Leave the door open,” Lydia grins.

Worst maid of honor ever Charlotte, clad in a vampy black dress, tells Emily she looks gorgeous. A genuinely emotional Emily tells Charlotte she loves her and Charlotte smiles, leaving her alone. Aiden enters to help Emily with her garter. Gag.

Smells like Revenge Meme

The ceremony begins! Patrick and Conrad accompany Victoria, arm-in-arm-in-arm. Nolan walks Emily down the aisle. She gives the requisite evil grins to each and every Grayson (sans Charlotte). Lydia approaches but is intercepted by Aiden, who hands her the deed to the house but says it’s all moot if she enters the church.”

Emily begins to recite her vows. “I’ve looked forward to this ever since I was a little girl,” she purrs, flashing back to all the pivotal moments in her life: her father being taken from her, receiving the Infinity Box from Nolan, meeting the Graysons as an adult, losing Amanda and more. She and Daniel kiss — and with that, Emily becomes Mrs. Daniel Grayson. Victoria is devastated.

Emily and Daniel share their first dance. Neither is happy; Daniel’s apparently been drinking a little too much (have the writers been reading my recaps?). Nolan cuts in and Emily reminds him that Patrick CANNOT get on the honeymoon yacht to Nantucket because he could derail their plans for Victoria. The two share an emotional moment: “Long live David Clarke,” Nolan whispers to his best friend.

Margaux goes over some photos as the wedding rages on, but is confronted by Conrad, who threatens her about digging any further into his life. She passive-aggressively assuages his fears when she notes that Lydia defected immediately after reconnecting with him. Meanwhile, Daniel tries to call Sara (AT HIS WEDDING!), but Charlotte tells him it’s time to cut the cake (is there a metaphor here?). Patrick is called away from Victoria after receiving a text from Nolan about Father Paul’s death as the cake cutting begins. Emily and Daniel acknowledge the awkwardness that is Sara’s cake but kiss and everyone claps.

At the South Fork Inn, Conrad meets with Lydia and tells her they should have another chance. “Maybe it’s time we shake things up in the Hamptons,” he says. Lydia glances at the photo of Emily-as-Waitress. “Lets,” she hisses…

Daniel is drinking more and more, and Victoria knows it’s because he doesn’t love Emily. Victoria then tells Emily that Patrick won’t be on the yacht as he was called away to the city. Conrad interrupts the fake niceties when he introduces his new(ish) love Lydia to the crowd.

At the Stowaway, Jack and Sara commiserate as they watch the wedding coverage on TV. Sara is drunk and hits on Jack, but he goes to call a cab.

Patrick confronts Nolan, who admits he knows about Patrick cutting Conrad’s brakes. Nolan promises Patrick he’d never tell and declares his love!

On the yacht, Emily begins to screen a video of her and Daniel’s relationship. Emily spills a drink on Victoria, who excuses herself. Lydia then spies Emily slipping out, as well. Daniel gets a call from Sara’s roommate and learns that she tried to kill herself. Victoria goes to her room, where Lydia offers the ultimate olive branch: the photo of Emily-as-Waitress. Aiden listens in.

Victoria confronts Emily outside on the deck. The two exchange barbs, and Emily admits to faking a pregnancy. As the two continue to argue and Victoria reveals that she finally has the ammunition (get it?) to destroy the faux-socialite, Emily rolls her eyes. “Goodbye, Victoria,” Emily says coldly as Aiden sneaks up from behind the monster-in-law and chloroforms her! After Aiden makes off with Victoria, Emily goes for the gun… but is interrupted by Daniel, who has overheard everything about the fake pregnancy.

Emily, stunned that yet another of her late-August plans has been foiled, tries to reason with her new husband, but Daniel grabs the gun and shoots Emily, causing her to fall into the ocean. That escalated quickly, no? We have a shooter, folks!

The entire cast runs up the stairs after someone calls “overboard!” and Charlotte finds Emily’s corsage. Meanwhile, Aiden and Jack (who wanted to say one last goodbye to his childhood sweetheart) nervously wait for Emily on the beach, but are horrified when all they find is her bloody wedding dress…


So, it was Daniel. On the yacht. With the revolver. Congrats to the 15% of you that guessed it in our “Who Shot Emily Thorne” poll!

Takedown of the week: I’m going with Emily. I’d say getting shot by your new husband counts as a takedown.
Best moment: Daniel shoots Emily.
Most touching moment: Jack and Emily’s goodbye.
Worst moment: Oh no, Sara tried to kill herself! Do we really care?
Question of the week: Who “took care” of Lydia when she fell from the roof?

Revenge Season 3 is now over until January 5, when it returns with three episodes. The show takes another break after that, and then returns in March.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for our weekly Revenge Top 5 posts on Thursdays, and catch up with Season 3 so far through this link, or in our previous weekly Hamptons Revenge recaps!

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