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Apron Strings Project Seeks Short Scenes for Upcoming Production

Apron Strings Project
Three aprons from the Apron Strings Project, apronstringsproject.com

Organizers of the Apron Strings Project are currently accepting submissions for an upcoming theatrical production to benefit The Retreat women’s shelter.

Generated from an exhibit of more than 200 aprons that was featured at the Suffolk Historical Museum, the Apron Strings Project is asking writers to submit short monologues and scenes inspired by the aprons in the collection. Accepted submissions will be cast and made part of the show, billed as a “theatrical celebration of women told through the creative contributions of writers, musicians, actors and other artists,” and scheduled for early May at the Vail-Leavitt Music Hall in Riverhead (18 Peconic Avenue). The project is hoping to expand The Retreat’s base with this production and provide support to the shelter.

Submissions will be accepted through February 14. The project is also interested in connecting with actors when the casting phase begins in March.

To be considered for the Apron Strings Project, interested writers should begin by looking through their extensive apron collection at apronstringsproject.com. Simply click “The Aprons” in the menu bar and find the most inspiring apron(s), then craft the scene, monologue, song, melody or poem it, or they (or even the whole collection), evokes. The project suggests writers consider the person who wore, or may have worn, the particular apron, and include them in the writing. Each apron in the exhibit has a name attached, which could help inform their story, fictional or not.

Winning submissions will be announced on March 14 and open casting is March 21-22.

The Apron Strings Project is the brainchild of Cindy Clifford, Riverhead local and morning radio show co-host on WALK 97.5, Dan’s Papers contributor and playwright Debbie Slevin, professional photographer Diane Tucci and marketing and social media consultant Megan Heckman.

“We want to celebrate, acknowledge, honor, appreciate and commemorate the women who might have inhabited these aprons through the words and music of a broad community of artists,” the Apron Strings Project organizers explain.

Opening weekend for the Apron Strings Project is scheduled for May 2-4 at the Vail-Leavitt Music Hall. Visit apronstringsproject.com to learn more about the project, the women who created it and how to submit.

The show’s beneficiary, The Retreat, is a safe haven for families in crisis, offering numerous services to provide  safety, shelter and support for victims of domestic abuse. Visit theretreatinc.org or call their 24/7 hotline at 631-329-2200.

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