Studio 89, an Off-the-Beaten Path to Fitness

Studio 89
Studio 89, Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor has long been known as the “Hampton” that defies the traditional definition of “The Hamptons.” Like the mindset of the village in which it lies, Sag Harbor’s Studio 89 is a bit off the beaten path, both in terms of its Brick Kiln Road location and its unique fitness philosophy. Offering both group classes and personal training sessions, Studio 89 is your ticket to a fitter you.

Located in an unassuming rectangular building, Studio 89 recently underwent a renovation and now includes three state-of-the-art fitness rooms to accommodate fitness aficionados with a wide variety of interests and goals.

I attended a spin class a few weeks ago, hosted by Christa. I haven’t been to many spin classes, mostly because I found them too difficult to endure on a regular basis. But the bikes at Studio 89 have a leg up on spinning at other studios, because there’s a small monitor at the top to let you know your rotations per minute. The calculator takes the guesswork out of how hard you’re working—or how hard you’re supposed to be working—and allows you to more closely follow the session the instructor has crafted. Christa’s class was also unique in that she perfectly paired the workout to music. Something as simple as knowing that you’re going to pick up the pace during the chorus is a mentally satisfying way to get through an hour-long session. As I left the studio, I felt the way you’re supposed to feel after a spin class—like I had gotten my heart rate up without the stress that constant pounding from running puts on your knees and joints.

Studio 89 has a number of classes, an impressive lineup for the winter season, all listed on their website. In addition to spin, East Enders are invited to get fit with TRX, yoga and Zumba, among others. Follow Studio 89 on Facebook to stay up to date on the class schedule and offerings.

Studio 89

Should you go the one-on-one route, the tagline of Studio 89 is “U R The Machine,” and the focus of the facility is on core, agility, flexibility, strength, suspension and gravity training. By engaging your core to assure proper technique, you are able to target specific muscles and, as Studio 89 attests, “your body actually becomes the machine.” With 23 years of experience in the fitness industry, owner Rich Decker crafts personalized workout routines for each client. The private studio allows soon-to-be fitness gurus to comfortably work out without fear or distractions, offering such equipment and facilities as a soft sand military-style “pit,” weighted med balls, Swiss balls, exer tubes and stability discs. The 20,000-square-foot pit is unique to the Hamptons fitness scene. An outdoor course, it includes a 1/10-mile track, and over 20 exercise stations, inducing a rope wall, agility tires, monkey bars, tire flipping and low crawl.

Despite the snow that persistently covers the East End, summer is closer than you think. Tuck into Studio 89 for a personalized workout to get that perfect beach bod’. Or, if you want to train for spring, consider seeking motvation in this: Decker boasts that his “no nonsense” approach is responsible for the arms of Keith Hernandez, the legendary Mets pitcher.

Studio 89 is located at 89 Clay Pit Road, Sag Harbor. Call 631-899-4310 or visit

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