Amy Zerner’s Fashion Sense: The Meaning of Citrine

Citrine necklace by Amy Zerner
Citrine necklace by Amy Zerner

Citrine’s sunny color helps restore the mind in much the same way as does basking in the life-giving light of Father Sun.

Citrine helps remove blocks and fears on all levels and helps one to better communicate with others.

Citrine helps create a sense of stability, adds energy and emotional balance, and provides a rational approach to things, grounding us in the here and now.

Citrine’s energy means that a positive, optimistic attitude will produce a positive outcome. Use it when greater self-confidence and self-esteem are needed. Stress and fatigue, either emotional or physical, can make life seem bleak and make you unable to cope with your challenges. Make sure to get enough rest and have some fun.

Citrine can help you regain your emotional balance.

Citrine is one of the best stones for manifesting power on both a practical and magical level. Because it encourages a healthy ego, self-esteem and feelings of worth, it empowers its wearer both emotionally and spiritually. New Age healers believe that the stone can increase the significance of dreams and open the mind to new and more positive thought forms.

Citrine is known to boost willpower, happiness and confidence while reducing self-destructive tendencies. As a result of this, it can also bring good fortune, often in very surprising and unexpected ways.

Amy Zerner is the Hamptons’ number one fashion blogger and designer.

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