Dan’s Papers Albert Einstein Mask Tutorial and Photo Contest!

Ollie Dan's Einstein Mask
Make a Dan's Papers Einstein mask, photograph it and win!

For those not already in the know, just two days remain to get your free commemorative Albert Einstein masks from the March 14, 2014 issue of Dan’s Papers. We’re accepting shots for a Dan’s Einstein Mask Competition through Sunday, March 23. And in case this simple activity seems too difficult to accomplish, we’re providing a step-by-step tutorial below.

Once you’re done making the mask, snap a picture of you, or a whole bunch of people, wearing it and email the photo to [email protected] (no files over 1.5 MB please), or post on Instagram with the hashtag #DansEinstein. We’re giving a free Dan’s Papers T-shirt to the photographer with our favorite picture, so get shooting!

Big points for interesting locations, multiple people wearing the masks and any other funny, creative ideas. Don’t hold back, folks!

Now for the tutorial part:

First, try to find a copy, or five or 10, of last week’s Dan’s Papers, which is easily identifiable by inestimable artist Barry Rockwell‘s large Albert Einstein portrait on the cover. He’s holding a pack of Smarties candy… (We’ll wait while you find it.)

OK, got it? Yes, that’s the one. Yes, we were aware March 14 was Einstein’s 135 birthday, and yes, we know he spent some time on the East End.


Now, examine the convenient graphic below, detailing exactly where to cut with a handy white dotted line. Use small, sharp and pointy scissors, in order to pierce and cut out eye holes without damaging remaining paper. (Tutorial continued below.)

Dan's Papers Albert Einstein Mask by Barry Rockwell
Cut on dotted line to create Albert Einstein mask.

Once cutout is complete, discard excess paper (this is the stuff WITHOUT Einstein’s face printed on it).

To wear, try taping a string to the mask, or tape a stick to the back so you can hold it up over your face.

Dan's Einstein Mask - Stick Tutorial

Now for the fun part — gather your friends, wear the masks and start shooting pictures! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Remember, we will accept Instagram posts with the hashtag #DansEinstein, or email 1.5 MB or smaller photos to: [email protected].

Contest submission period ends at 11:59 a.m. on Sunday, March 23. The winner will be announced Monday, March 24.

Tina Dan's Einstein Mask
Remember, hashtag: #DansEinstein to win!

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