Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap — Season 3, Episode 17: “Addiction”

Revenge Episode17 Addiction
Pascal chats with Emily and Victoria and they're all wound up, Photos: ABC and james steidl/iStock/Thinkstock -Manipulation: Oliver Peterson

It’s casino night in the Hamptons! Two characters share a surprise kiss, a has-been primetime diva cameos and last week’s “TWM” is revealed.

Here’s our recap for Revenge Season 3, Episode 17: “Addiction.”

We open in slow motion as Victoria bursts into Pascal’s office with two moving men carrying the original “The Fortune Teller” painting. Pascal thought she’d like it; Victoria is livid for some reason. “It belongs in the Met! You don’t know me, Pascal. Or what I want.” She storms out. Let me get this straight. Pascal has pocket change to buy Victoria a painting previously on display at THE MET and she’s angry? Art history snobs, I tell ya…

Nolan walks in on Emily looking longingly at Aiden’s engagement ring. She’d rather not talk about it, so the conversation switches to the current mystery, “TWM.” Emily wonders if TWM is “The White-haired Man” from Season 1 and 2 (RIP) but Nolan shakes his head. “That’s a Nolan original,” he assures her.

Grayson Manor. Daniel gets back from a run and sees Charlotte “hard at work” on her gossip career. Charlotte is still stunned about Emily being a fraud. Daniel asks his little sis to help him get revenge by taking down Emily’s friends, but Charlotte says if they do this, Jack is not involved. Daniel reluctantly agrees.

Jack and Stevie chat over breakfast. Stevie is relieved that Jack’s not angry about being in the society pages with her. Conversation turns to Conrad, and Stevie waxes nostalgic about meeting him on a blind date. Jack tells her that she’s not to blame for their marriage falling apart, but Stevie shakes her head. “You’ve never seen me drunk. And thank God you never will.” Famous last words?

Conrad and Pascal talk Victoria over drinks, and Conrad notes that his gesture with the painting was excessive. Pascal’s not happy that Victoria is being so difficult and reminds Conrad of their deal: If Pascal doesn’t get Victoria, Conrad doesn’t get a LeMarchal partnership. Conrad rolls his eyes and leaves. Pascal tries to order his favorite cigar, but Emily shows up, having bought the last two. She offers him one but he’s not interested in being seen with the town pariah and leaves. Nolan approaches and asks what she’s up to. She flashes a gambling token at him that she swiped from Pascal.

Back at the manse, Victoria and her friends (she needs someone to worship her now that her son’s gone) enjoy the day and talk trash about Emily Thorne. In case we weren’t sure this was a nighttime soap opera, we meet one of Victoria’s gal pals played by none other than Morgan Fairchild! Victoria asks them to keep an eye on Emily. Conrad enters, having found the eviction notice from Stevie. Victoria crumples it and kicks the bastard out.

Jack goes to the nice part of Montauk (Voulez) to see Margaux and learns that she has been offered the editor-in-chief position at a rival magazine based in Rome. She assures Jack she doesn’t want the job (yeah right), she only wants him. Jack being the good, selfless boyfriend he is, tells her to take the gig.

Emily tells Nolan she’s planning a Monte Carlo Casino Night to lure Pascal. She meets Javier, who’s in his boxers. Javier shows Nolan his latest project—based on his recent crush—an app with a virtual version of Charlotte, called “Charvatar.” I kid you not.

Revenge Nolvatar Meme

Daniel is excited to start scheming against Conrad and Pascal, but Margaux disappoints him with word of her new job in Rome. Charlotte walks in and Daniel asks her to remind Margaux about how close Jack is with Emily. Daniel warns Margaux that Emily might move in on her man, but Margaux maintains that Jack and Emily are just friends. Still, she clearly takes the bait.

Emily visits Pascal at his office and invites him to her gambling night. She mentions that the money will go to his childhood leukemia foundation and gives him back his coin. Pascal calls her a thief “There’s so much you don’t know about me,” she grins.

Montauk. Emily meets up with Stevie at the Stowaway. They’re the Ex-Mrs. Grayson Club. Emily asks her about Pascal and learns that he dated Victoria before she was with Conrad. After she leaves, Jack confides to Emily that Margaux is going to Rome. Jack is surprised when Emily tells him things ended with Aiden. Jack tells Emily not to give up on Aiden and pats her on the hand as Margaux looks on. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

Victoria cuts some flowers and talks about Pascal with her next Patrick stand-in, Daniel. She recounts their whirlwind love affair in Paris when she was in art school, and how she dumped him after walking in on him with another woman.

Later that evening, Emily meets with Aiden. In Bermuda. She tells Aiden she needs help with some things and shows him the TWM note, but points out that she got on a plane to Bermuda (and got there in one scene, no less!) just to see him. Aiden’s not having it and tells Emily to get lost.

Back at Voulez, Pascal attempts to ream Margaux out after discovering she and Daniel sold him out to Interpol for using Voulez as a write-off, but she shrugs, reminding her dad that using her magazine as a tax shelter is illegal. Still, she promises that Daniel will get Interpol to back off, as long as he and Conrad leave Voulez alone.

Conrad, slightly drunk, shows up at Stevie’s room at the South Fork Inn and tells her how hurt he is that she slept with Carl Porter while they were married. She rolls her eyes, but admits he had a right to know (?!) and apologizes. Oh boy.

Monte Carlo Casino Night! Daniel crashes the party. “How did you afford this?” he snarkily asks his ex-wife. Emily feigns, “who, me?” and hands Daniel back his platinum card. Margaux interrupts and tells him they should be celebrating. Nolan notices that Pascal is staring at Emily, and as she approaches the French tycoon, Victoria grabs him, angry that he’d look at another woman (well, Emily). Emily interrupts them to see if Pascal would like to hit the tables with her, but he’s got another idea. Poker. Emily vs. Victoria.

Javier gets Charlotte’s attention by gambling her birthday numbers. She takes the bait and is instantly smitten — so much so that she doesn’t care when he tells her he was in prison prior to coming to the Hamptons. Nolan interrupts their rendezvous to check Javier’s house arrest monitor, which the shifty little hacker doctored for the evening. Nolan tells him to go home, but Javier pulls Charlotte into a kiss before leaving. Well, he’s better than Declan, I guess…

Margaux excitedly tells Jack she got Voulez back, but he’s not happy when he learns Daniel helped her. They have a mini fight when she accuses Jack of cozying up to Emily behind her back, but then she backpedals and apologizes. Jack joins her and Daniel gambling.

Back at the inn, Stevie and Conrad are still talking about their feelings and the past and how Conrad truly did love her. But just when you start to think Conrad is really being genuine, he mentions how bad he feels for getting her and Victoria tangled up in a silly war over the Manor, causing Stevie to give up and hand him the deed to the house!

Victoria lets Emily win the poker game after Emily bets Daniel’s engagement ring. Pascal invites Emily to his room, where she admits that her interest in him is purely professional. She asks Pascal to spy on Conrad for her and get some intel on the family, and he reluctantly agrees, for no reason. Too good to be true? Emily realizes something’s off and leaves.

The final moments of the episode are set to Karen Elson’s “Gold Dust Woman.” Stevie tells a concerned Jack about her conversation with Conrad, then excuses herself and almost takes a drink. Victoria goes to Pascal, who reveals he is playing Emily for her, and Victoria gives him what he wants (if you know what I mean). Emily tells Nolan that Pascal pulled a Whale Cam on her and the two contemplate their next move when Aiden arrives with an announcement: TWM is Trevor Warren Mathis, his father.

Closing Thoughts
You know there’s a problem when the best part of the episode is the song played at the end. I’m all for suspension of disbelief, but this show is starting to get lazy. Did the writers not realize that they managed to have Emily plan a casino night benefit in one day and hop on a flight to Bermuda to say hello to Aiden? And I’m disappointed that Margaux was manipulated by Daniel so easily; she’s always been headstrong and smart; it’s hard to believe she’d start getting jealous all of a sudden. Let’s hope this show gets back on the rails next week.

Question of the Week: What is the Whale Cam?

Coincidence? Everyone’s favorite incarcerated author, Mason Treadwell, is back next week. Have they been reading my Revenge Top 5s again?

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