50 Things to Do Before Memorial Day: Go Grocery Shopping on Saturday Without Being Resented

Shop without strangers giving you dirty looks.
Grocery shop without strangers giving you dirty looks. Photo credit: Fuse/Thinkstock

There are just four weeks until Memorial Day weekend, and while we at Dan’s Papers can’t wait, we also know there are many things we have to squeeze in during the next few weeks on the East End, lest we lose our chance with all that summer brings. We know that if we don’t get out and do these now, we’ll have to wait until after Labor Day before we try again…and so will you!

We continue our countdown of things to do before Memorial Day weekend on the East End with #28: Go Grocery Shopping on Saturday Without Being Resented

Have you ever heard the story of the Hamptons resident who goes to the grocery store and hears, “Why can’t you locals get your shopping done on the weekdays?”

If you live here, you must have. Multiple times, in fact. With slight variations.

It goes something like this:  On a Saturday afternoon in the summer, when everyone would rather be at the beach, there is a long line at checkout. A local resident stands there with his or her cart. The person next in line, with arms full of bottled water and Red Bull, huffs and blurts out at no one in particular, “Why don’t the locals shop before the weekend?”

This scenario isn’t an urban legend. Many year-rounders have experienced it first hand, or know someone who has. It happens time and time again, and this summer will be no exception.

For those who are wondering, there are two reasons many locals go to the supermarket on Saturdays: Because (1) they work on the weekdays, and (2) they don’t owe you an answer.

A few rude people won’t stop locals from going about their lives. But those locals will cherish these last four Saturdays when they can do so without resentment from inconsiderate and selfish strangers.

Come back tomorrow for 50 Things to Do Before Memorial Day in the Hamptons #27.

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