Amy Zerner’s Fashion Sense: Jade Jewelry

Jade jewelry, Courtesy Amy Zerner
Jade jewelry, Courtesy Amy Zerner

Jade acts in a protective way, both on the physical and spiritual level.

This stone has long been believed to facilitate and fortify a long life. The Chinese have traditionally held Jade in very high esteem and it has a lovely history as a protective talisman. Amulets of animals were carved to promote a healthier, longer life and would attract the protection of the spirits when needed. Jade was also used in rituals to attract wealth and fortune. Statues of this stone for abundance and protection were common. Dishes were often carved from Jade. The gem was believed to symbolize longevity and therefore food or drink contained in Jade vessels would absorb that energy.

Jade energy bestows peace, calmness, harmony, tranquility and clarity of mind, while also encouraging one to safely express their true feelings and emotions. It strongly influences matters of the heart and can help improve relationships. Jade is wonderful for repairing relationship connections and ties that have been lost or broken.

This stone will also promote a more unified environment so one may accomplish compromise with partners, family members or co-workers. Jade inspires and promotes creative thought.

For business matters, jade can be used to unite diverse individuals and get them working toward common goals. It aids in creating a harmonious atmosphere and a desire for success and abundance without materialism or greed.

It is also favorable for strengthening clear reasoning, and in so doing stimulates excellent decision-making. Because it has a balancing effect, jade motivates the wearer to believe their plans and ambitions are worthy of success.

Jade’s message: This is a helpful stone for those who have a nervous temperament or who are easily overwhelmed. The loving energies of jade will assist in recovering from emotional trauma, because it provides grounding energy and a sense of security.

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