New Mattituck Farmers Market to Open May 9

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Photo credit: InterestingLight/ iStock/Thinkstock

It just got easier for locals and visitors to enjoy the bounty of the North Fork, all in one place—Mattituck is getting a Farmers Market. 

Opening in the Mattituck Florist on Love Lane, the market will begin operating on May 9 and run on Fridays from 3–6 p.m. until October 31.

The market, which was greenlighted by Southold Town last week, will open with 11 vendors. For the most part, it will be small businesses that don’t have storefronts, and farmers,” says Maryann Krupski, one of the market’s founding members.

The market is a pilot program, and Southold Town could close it at any time, so Krupski emphasizes that community support, from both locals and visitors, is vital to the market’s sustainability. The market will also be a forum for community service. Students will be invited to volunteer to help manage it, ultimately learning how to run a business.

The idea for the farmers market was brought about by Maryann and Gene Krupski of Mattituck’s organic Mar-Gene Farms, Donna Burden of Donna’s Tradery and Danielle LaScala, the owner of Mattituck Florist. The group has been working to get the market up and running since November.

Krupski recognizes the importance of having a farmers market in Mattituck, the first under the jurisdiction of Southold Town. She hopes that it will add to the vitality of the community, providing job opportunities. “Hopefully, the market will make the kids stay in our community,” Krupski says.

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