Revenge Top 5: Victoria Grayson’s Evil Deeds

Victoria Grayson dreams of the apocalypse
Victoria Grayson dreams of the apocalypse, Photos: ABC, Ig0rZh/iStock/Thinkstock, Meme: Oliver Peterson

Last week, Victoria Grayson coaxed poor Stevie off the wagon, ending the woman’s nearly two-decades of sobriety. That was pretty awful — but it’s not the worst thing she’s done. Here are five of the most-dastardly things Victoria’s done on Revenge.

5. Victoria gives thanks on Thanksgiving…by taking down her mother. This one’s almost understandable, as Victoria’s mother turned out to be a scheming sociopath, but seriously, who schedules a takedown on Thanksgiving? Even Emily Thorne usually takes that night off. And doing it in front of her then-innocent son Daniel made it even more cringeworthy.

4. After Lydia Davis falls from the roof of her building, Victoria helps her former best friend “recover” by keeping her drugged under lock and key at Grayson Manor. Okay, we get it — Lydia slept with Conrad, she threatened to go public with the truth about David Clarke, she’s a bitch… the list goes on. But isn’t falling from the top of a Manhattan apartment building punishment enough? Victoria promised to help “take care” of Lydia, who ultimately needed Conrad to step in and stop his wife from passive-aggressively holding her hostage.

3. Daniel asks Victoria about her connection to David Clarke and she lets him believe David raped her. Way to spit on the poor guy’s grave, Victoria! Not only did she lie about her affair, she further tarnished the supposed love of her life’s memory by making him out to be a predator. Not to mention the fact that Victoria forced her son to imagine his own mother getting raped. Luckily, Conrad was happy to clear up the confusion over dinner during a confrontation about Charlotte’s paternity.

2. Victoria leaves a bottle of vodka with Stevie. It’s not as if Victoria offered Stevie a glass of wine at brunch — she brought a bottle of vodka to the South Fork Inn and poured a glass for the recovering alcoholic. Even Stevie pointed out how ridiculous Victoria was behaving, noting that she had already given up the deed to Grayson Manor. Now Stevie’s back in LA to restart the painful recovery process, and Victoria’s patting herself on the back.

1. Victoria helps frame her lover for domestic terrorism. It all started with this one. David Clarke, the man she so desperately loved, went to prison and ultimately died because Victoria agreed to help frame him for a terrorist act and save her loveless husband’s ass from being implicated. We’ve seen Victoria’s guilt manifest from this dirty deed, but that doesn’t excuse what she did.

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