Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap — Season 3, Episode 20: “Revolution”

Victoria gives Pascal the tongue one last time on Revenge Season 3, Episode 20 Revolution
Victoria gives Pascal the tongue one last time, Photo: ABC/Oliver Peterson/fatih donmez/iStock/Thinkstock

As we continue our journey to the rapidly approaching Revenge Season 3 finale, Emily closes in on Pascal, Victoria gets closer to the truth, Charlotte gets a real storyline and someone dies a particularly grisly death. Tonight’s third-act twist is not for the squeamish, folks.

Read on for our recap of Revenge Season 3, Episode 20: “Revolution.” (and find out why this episode title is so gruesomely apt)

It’s a lovely morning in Southampton. Victoria and Pascal are on the balcony at Grayson Manor. She has realized Emily planned for the honeymoon yacht to be her downfall. Pascal then proposes to Victoria in the least romantic way ever. “Would you like to be my wife?” he asks dryly. She tearfully accepts. Just put some cake on those wounds, Vic.

The beach house. Nolan tries to find Emily some new aliases (all of them Golden Girls names) for an upcoming project. He’s still sore that Javier “macstabbed” him.

“There’s a beautiful vineyard on the North Fork [Martha Clara? Sparkling Pointe? Vineyard 48?] I’ve been wanting to visit,” Victoria says as she sits on her fiance’s lap (why is she always on Pascal’s lap?). After hearing the engagement news, Margaux and Daniel congratulate the happy couple, but Margaux is frustrated — Pascal hasn’t told her brother that she’ll be taking over the business. Pascal promises Margaux all is as it should be and the four toast with mimosas.

One scene later, Pascal arrives in Manhattan, when Aiden suddenly kidnaps him and takes him to a secret location where Emily is waiting in a drab suit. “Ms. Thorne,” Pascal says when the bag is removed from his head. “No. Agent Rebecca Stone, Homeland Security,” Emily says, taking a cue from her recent Captain America role. “This is where you tell me everything.” (Wow, so Rebecca Harper from Brothers & Sisters dumped Justin, changed her last name and became a Homeland Security agent?) Pascal wants to speak with his lawyer but she says the Patriot Act doesn’t require them to provide him with legal counsel. Emily confiscates his phone.

Charlotte is spooked by a letter she receives that reads like it was written by David Clarke. Victoria reads it and assures Charlotte someone’s just trying to play a cruel prank; Charlotte thinks that David might be alive, but Victoria assures her otherwise.

Conrad and Victoria have their weekly barb session. The seeds of doubt are planted when Conrad tells his soon-to-be-ex that Pascal is only marrying her to keep her at bay regarding Flight 197.

Charlotte goes to Montauk to see Jack. They briefly talk about Margaux (it’s over) and Charlotte shows him the letter. He feels terrible for her and tries to assure Charlotte that David’s dead, but she has MORE evidence — other letters she’s found hidden among Victoria’s things. Jack offers to help.

Emily — sorry, Rebecca — employs a new tactic when the phone doesn’t incriminate Pascal. After showing him a photo of Oscar Chapman, she slaps him and he overturns a table. Aiden intervenes and Ems threatens to take Margaux in for questioning unless he wears a wire. Pascal agrees to get a confession out of Conrad, but asks her to keep Victoria out of it. Ems agrees (probably because she has even more sinister plans for her arch-nemesis).

Later, Victoria tries to see if Conrad was right and asks Pascal how his “meeting in the city” went. He ominously tells her they’re leaving for Paris following the big MyClone app launch tomorrow and then heads for the shower. Victoria looks in Pascal’s jacket sleeve and finds the phone number Emily gave him. When she calls, she gets Agent Stone’s voicemail. She confides in Daniel about this, and he wonders if his Interpol ruse from a few weeks ago may have anything to do with it. Victoria gets angry. “I’m not the bad guy here,” Daniel asserts. (How many people have you shot, Daniel?)

Nolan and Jack have a bromance date. Jack is sad about Margaux but changes the subject when he asks Nolan to trace Charlotte’s letter. They trace it to the mountains. Wait… the letter isn’t Emily’s doing?

At the South Fork Inn, Daniel warns an alarmed Conrad about Homeland Security. He has a plan to talk with Interpol and get Pascal sent out of the country before any harm can be done to the Graysons. The next day, Daniel tells Margaux that he doesn’t think Pascal should talk at the app launch event, and that Margaux should get in writing that she is taking over the company. Margaux is suspicious, but falls for Daniel like she always does.

Jack takes Charlotte to the cabin in the mountains. They find lots of research on Flight 197 and Charlotte deduces that someone was just trying to scare her. They leave, but Jack finds a ring and swipes it. After they leave, a mystery man about Jack’s age (played by Linc Hand) comes out of hiding.

Pascal agrees to put Margaux’s promotion in writing. At the launch party, Nolan is annoyed that he’s not on the guest list. After reminding the host that he made most of the technology being used by everyone at the party, Javier approaches. Nolan reminds him that he is still “Master of the Universe.” Meanwhile, Victoria asks Pascal if there’s anything he needs to tell her, but he dodges the question. They embrace, and Emily appears to congratulate Victoria on her happiness as Victoria tears up.

Pascal announces that Margaux is the new successor to LeMarchal Media. Margaux and Daniel take the stage and introduce the MyClone app. Javier starts his presentation and the Charvatar is pulled up. “What do you want to do, babe?” he asks. “Get high and party!” says the Charvatar. Oh dear. Javier tries another tack, asking a random audience member her name. She’s turned into an avatar. “Where would you like to go on vacation?” Javier asks. The avatar answers, and the audience member is livid. “My family was massacred there years ago,” she seethes. Daniel takes Javier backstage while Margaux does damage control. Nolan is satisfied — he manipulated the data to ruin the presentation, and Javier knows it.

Revenge Ridiculous Jacket Meme, Season 3, Episode 20 Revolution
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While Daniel fires Javier, Conrad and Pascal take to the roof of the hotel. Emily sees that Pascal is deviating from the plan and bolts for the stairwell. Victoria realizes something’s up, too, and rushes to the roof. Outside, Conrad offers Pascal a helicopter ride back to the Hamptons, but Pascal says that he’s “haunted” by the crimes of their past. As he tries to get Conrad to confess, Emily watches on from the stairs. Conrad is about to say what Pascal wants, but changes his tune. “Pascal?” he asks. “What?” Pascal responds. “Be careful,” Conrad shouts as he PUSHES PASCAL INTO THE CHOPPER BLADES! Emily hurries off, stunned, while Victoria just misses her and arrives to see a blood-drenched Conrad and her fiancee dead and mutilated. She is hysterical, and when the cops arrive, Victoria realizes that Conrad set up everything — the pilot even corroborates his story.

Back at the Stowaway in Montauk, Charlotte thanks Jack for putting her mind at ease and goes for a walk. After she leaves, Jack pulls out the ring, which has the initials “DC,” and we see the strange man watching from the window.

Margaux is devastated. Daniel consoles her and she gets a message on her phone confirming her new status as CEO of LeMarchal Media. He hugs his friend, ignoring the fact that he is the one who tipped off Conrad to Pascal’s plans.

Emily and Aiden are suitably stunned. Aiden asks her if she has a plan. “I think so,” she says. Elsewhere, Victoria reads a letter that Pascal wrote her declaring his love. Daniel comes to comfort his mother, and she asks if Daniel tipped off Conrad to Pascal’s predicament. After dismissing Daniel’s bluff, she wonders where the Feds are, now that Pascal is dead. Victoria calls the number from Pascal’s jacket, but it is no longer in service.

In a twist everyone saw coming, Charlotte wanders on the beach absently peacefully and is kidnapped by the mystery guy!

Closing Thoughts
So, death by helicopter rotor, a la Raiders of the Lost Ark… Yikes. It was pretty satisfying to see Conrad back to his pure evil self after witnessing him soften a bit over the past few weeks, but once again Daniel is indirectly responsible for another catastrophe. Who is the man that kidnapped Charlotte? Does David have a long lost son or something? With only two episodes left in the season, hopefully we’ll find some answers soon!

Takedowns of the week: Javier and Pascal
Lines of the week:
Conrad – “I thought your imminent departure would bring me solace, but oddly there’s another sensation kicking around me.”
Victoria – “A burst appendix, I hope.”

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