Manny Fabrele Offered Immunity for Ballistic Deer Spaying Device

Manny Fabrele meets with his lawyer, Shondra Habbastock, this week
Manny Fabrele meets with his lawyer, Shondra Habbastock, this week, Photo: moodboard/moodboard/Thinkstock

Montauk inventor and retired Marine Scout Sniper Manny Fabrele may be freed from prison this week, thanks to a special deal with Hamptons officials, who have need of his particular expertise.

Fabrele, 44, was jailed in late March for a number of charges related to his interference with a controversial local deer cull. After fitting hundreds of wild deer with bulletproof vests, and then helmets, the inventor “took things too far,” authorities said, when he “weaponized” numerous deer with sound-activated, 30-caliber machine guns designed to deter (and possibly harm) federal sharpshooters. Fabrele remained in hiding while equipping area deer with his various inventions, but he surrendered himself to authorities shortly after the last piece of hardware was attached.

His deeds quickly elevated Fabrele to folk hero status among extreme animal advocates (many of whom assisted him), but the East End’s hunting community and most good, God-fearing locals were glad to see him in custody.

Now, just as it seemed Fabrele would pay for his crimes, a new deal will likely result in him receiving complete immunity from all prosecution. “It’s not ideal, but Mr. Fabrele’s talents are desperately needed for a new, more acceptable deer spaying program we plan to launch in the fall, or sooner,” Hamptons Wildlife Commissioner Gregory “Doc” McGibbon explained on Tuesday.

In exchange for immunity, Fabrele will design a “ballistic deer spaying device,” which he says will render unsuspecting does infertile upon impact. “My QuickSpay device can be fired from up to 90 yards away, so deer need not be tranquilized or even disturbed in their natural habitat,” Fabrele said, explaining that the worst side effect will be a “small, uncomfortable pinch” when the projectile injects its “nano-minions” into the deer’s system. “This system is pretty ingenious, really,” he added, noting QuickSpay’s ease of use. “I can’t tell you how annoying it was to apply my DeerVests,” Fabrele laughed. “Things would have been so much easier if I could have shot them onto all those deer.”

Hamptons officials say the deal for Fabrele’s release and immunity is basically a foregone conclusion at this point, but nothing is official yet.

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