New Mariah Carey Album Drops May 27

Mariah Carey's "Me. I Am Mariah" cover art
Mariah Carey's "Me. I Am Mariah" cover art

Hamptons visitor Mariah Carey has announced that her long awaited new album, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, hits stores on Tuesday, May 27.

The pop songstress has already given fans a taste of what’s to come with an exclusive video announcement, featuring a look at the record’s cover art and track list, along with some words from Carey herself.

The back cover of the record includes a drawing Mariah did at 3 years old. “This is my first and only self-portrait,” Carey says in the video, noting that it is a creative visualization of how she saw herself “with the purity of a child’s heart, before it was ever broken.” The drawing also includes the words “Me. I Am Mariah,” which became the first part of her newest album’s title.

Mariah Carey's drawing on the "Me. I Am Mariah" back cover
Mariah Carey’s drawing on the “Me. I Am Mariah” back cover

Carey’s album has 14 tracks, revealed on the back cover, and she’s recorded some songs with major talent, such as Miguel, Wale and Fabolous. The song titles include “Cry,” “Faded,” “Dedicated,” “#Beautiful” featuring Miguel, “Thirsty,” “Make it Look Good,” “You’re Mine (Eternal),” “You Don’t Know What to Do” featuring Wale, “Supernatural” featuring Dembabies, “Meteorite,” “Camouflage,” “Money ($  * / …)” featuring Fabolous, “One More Try” and “Heavenly.”

International pre-orders are available as of Friday, May 2.

Click here to pre-order the standard edition.

Click here to pre-order the deluxe edition.

Watch Carey’s announcement video below.

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