Southampton Publick House Now Offering Montauk Light in Cans

Montauk Light by Southampton Publick House, now in cans.
Montauk Light by Southampton Publick House, now in cans.

Fans of the Southampton Publick House will now be able to buy some of the brewery’s beer in cans. Starting this week, Montauk Light—which has been on tap in the brewery’s restaurant since 1996—is available in canned form.

According to Southampton Publick House’s owner, Don Sullivan, canned beer is “unique because it allows small beer [producers] to be found in places it’s usually not—like beaches and marinas.”

In the seemingly never-ending debate between bottled and canned beer, canned beer is often lighter to transport and easier to open, considering most people don’t walk around with bottle openers in their back pocket. “Glass is limited—cans can go anywhere,” Sullivan said in a phone interview on Wednesday.

Sullivan also hopes producing Montauk Light in cans will introduce the drink to light beer drinkers who haven’t seen it before and who are often accustomed to drinking beer in a can.

The first batch of Montauk Light canned beer, which went out this week, consisted of 2,000 cases.

With the new Montauk Light, Sullivan says his aim is to “craft a better light beer” and keep up with competition from big beer companies like Miller Light and Bud Light.

Beer enthusiasts interested in the brewery, which already sells 11 different types of bottled beer, can find Southampton Publick House’s products in more than 20 states.

Manhattan Beer is the wholesale distributor of Southampton Publick House beer in New York State.

The Southampton Publick House was named the Top Brewpub in the United States by Beer Advocate Magazine in 2003. In 2004, it was ranked #8 Specialty Brewery in the World by

Sullivan hopes to expand the Southampton Publick House’s line of canned beers within the next few years. Up next? The double pale ale, or “nypd” beer.

Southampton Publick House is located at 40 Bowden Square in Southampton. For more information on the brewery, visit To make a reservation at the restaurant, call 631-283-2800.

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