Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Spirit of the Ancestors

Connect with your ancestral spirits
Connect with your ancestral spirits, Photo: Brand X Pictures/Stockbyte/Thinkstock

Most people think that our ancestors are limited to those from whom we descend biologically, but in my work as a professional psychic medium, I have been shown unequivocally that we can draw inspiration and guidance from all those who have gone before us and all those who exist in the dimension of spirit. From this point of view all of us have a rich ancestry from which to draw insight, strength and solace.

The question most often asked of me by my clients trying to contact departed loved ones is “Are they okay?” In almost all cases I am guided to inform them that yes, they are fine, and the only thing that burdens those on the other side is when the people they left behind are suffering or not doing what is for their highest good and greatest joy. Of course, all those who have gone before us want to be remembered, as we will when our time comes.

The belief that our ancestors are still there for us in some way is more accepted in Eastern, Native American and Celtic cultures than it is in many cultures of the Western world. Though Western culture has too often encouraged us to forget our connection to the spirit of our ancestors, this practice is literally ingrained in the racial memory of our DNA. In fact, this points to why some people have intuitively felt an affinity to the area, culture and even the wisdom traditions of certain ancestor cultures wildly different than their own.

Many cultures through the ages did not feel a great divide between the material and spiritual worlds. Indigenous cultures perceived that the “veil” separating the material and spirit worlds was thinner in certain places and at certain times. A connection with spirit was assumed, rather than rejected, and thus drawing on wisdom from ancestors both biological and spiritual was a more routine part of life.

People and cultures that haven’t lost the connection with spirit continue to enjoy the empowerment and grounding that comes from this connection. Ultimately, our rich ancestry is universal, yet another reflection of the oneness that creates and flows through all.

By honoring and invoking the ancestors through prayer and veneration we can magically be with them and allow their wisdom to speak powerfully to us. When we communicate openly with these loving energies we deepen our sense of wholeness, nourish our own spirits, and unburden ourselves from the enormous sense of loss and loneliness that results from feeling cut off from them.

We can go on and on, back and farther back, and allow the wise and wonderful people of the past to speak their truth to us.

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