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Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Spirit Mist

We like to make a Spirit Mist, which contains lavender. This delicate scent is more than a pleasant fragrance. Lavender also possesses numerous healing benefits.

Mixing your own spray is a lovely way to make magic with a simple spritz. Use this potion when you feel depressed, lonely, or not up to the task at hand. We also suggest using the Spirit Mist if you feel a weakening in your faith in the power of good to triumph over ignorance. You should also use it if you think that a spirit with an uneasy conscience is hovering near to you. Spritz your pillow before you go to bed each night, and let the lavender lull you to sleep.

Lavender is also anti-fungal and antibacterial, making it a good choice for freshening up bedding (or shared items like throw pillows, throw blankets and sofas) if you or your partner feel a little under the weather.

1. Choose 100 percent pure, organic essential lavender oil.

2. Prepare the mist spray bottle, which should hold 8 oz. Fill the bottle with 4 fluid oz. (or 120 ml) of purified water.

3. Add 20 drops of the oil to the water.

4. Add 1/8 cup vodka. This acts as an emulsifier to help disperse the oil through the water. It’s also colorless, odorless, and evaporates quickly when sprayed onto a surface

5. Once you’ve added your essential oils and the alcohol to a small spray bottle, add more water, slowly and carefully, to fill.

6. Screw the cap back on snuggly, shake it gently to mix the ingredients

7. We energize the finished mixture with our intention.

8. Use as needed. Usually two or three spritzes are sufficient for what you’ll be using it for, but it’s okay to use more.

9. Store the mist bottle in a cool, dark place to protect the contents.

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