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Honoring Dan’s Papers Cover Artist: Dominick Gadaleta

An artist and a doctor, Dominick Gadaleta lets us in on his passion for both fields, his artistic technique and his true love—the ultimate inspiration behind this artwork.

Do you always work in watercolor?
This piece was done in traditional watercolor on 300-pound cold-pressed paper. My background and fascination with art originally started with pencil work and my subjects were mostly portraits. Over the last few years, I have started experimenting more with different mediums, including oil, acrylic and even spray paint. Watercolor has been a particularly fun and challenging medium for me…. [With watercolor landscapes,] I often find that some of the most captivating and unique components of the piece are spontaneous and occur as a result of providing the paint with the freedom to make its own magic.

Who is your favorite artist?
My favorite artist is Monet. I can get lost in time, admiring his work. He had an unrivaled control of his paints and color. Up close, there is a madness to his art that sometimes doesn’t make sense until you take a few steps back. If you’re having a difficult time comprehending the phenomenon I’m attempting to describe, find a museum that houses one of Monet’s Rouen Cathedrals and you’ll see what I mean!

Dominick Gadaleta
Dominick Gadaleta, Photo: Courtesy Dominick Gadaleta

How did you get the idea for the cover?
The inspiration behind this piece is the love of my life, Elizabeth Pond. I am originally from Manhasset, and met Lizzie on a cold night in November nearly two years ago. She had happened to see some of my work and complemented me on some of her favorites pieces. She told me how it inspired her and how she could sit and watch the timelapse videos I posted online for hours on end… It was not long after that night that we began dating. The more I got to know Lizzie, the more time I got to spend with her family out in Remsenburg. When making our trips into Westhampton for Beach Bakery’s coffee and fried croissants, Lizzie would always grab a copy of Dan’s Papers and admire the artwork on the cover. She told me she has been doing it for as long as she can remember, and her closet is filled with the proof: hundreds of old Dan’s covers—which she dreams of one day hanging on the walls of our home. After thinking about how to propose, I came up with the idea of making her this piece for Dan’s Papers—to be the centerpiece of her collection. The scene is of a small beach at the end of Shore Road, right down the street from Lizzie’s house. Every time we visit Remsenburg, we find ourselves sitting underneath the Dead End sign, staring out at the beauty in front of us. It is at this place that I plan on getting on my knee and asking Lizzie to be mine forever. This dead end will be our beginning.

Wow! What upcoming projects are on the horizon for you?
I have two real passions in life: art and medicine. As far apart as these two fields may appear to be, I find that they often complement one another. I have just started my residency in Ear, Nose, and Throat surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. There may be some sacrifice required in terms of my artistic productivity. That said, I can’t stay away from paint, pens and pencils for too long. No matter how busy I am, there will always be time to create.

To see more by the artist, visit Dominick Gadaleta’s YouTube page.

Dan's Papers cover by Dominick Gadaleta
Dan’s Papers cover by Dominick Gadaleta
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