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Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Clearing Blocks

Do you feel you are truly worthy and that you deserve to manifest your goal? Often an intention may be blocked energetically by an underlying belief that it is not in your best interest. If the desired result hasn’t appeared in your life, there may be a block to clear.

Some people have a prejudice against success, thus instinctually repelling desired goals from their lives. When you are conflicted in your thoughts, you will manifest obstacles.

Do you have space energetically to receive your desire into your daily experience? Sometimes receiving your intention may disrupt your life, and subconsciously a part of you could be repelling it.

If you aren’t ready to accept the new energies and consequences surrounding your goals, then you aren’t ready to manifest your desires.

If you want your intentions to manifest, you must eliminate the fears that conflict with your intentions. Everyone gets tested on expanding their ability to receive. Experience yourself receiving your intention, know that you are deserving, and create an opening of space inside of yourself for your desire to come into your life.

Read here about Monte Farber, the Hamptons’ number one psychic and astrologer.

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