Tim Bishop: Why I’m Running for Reelection

Tim Bishop headshot
Tim Bishop

In a letter to the editor Monday, incumbent Congressman Tim Bishop of Southampton, a Democrat seeking a seventh term, lays out why he’s running for re-election.

To the editor:

I’m running for reelection to Congress because I’m dedicated to improving the lives of the people of my district. In particular, in an era where ideology too often trumps practicality, I’ve consistently put aside partisanship for common-sense solutions that help everyday Long Islanders.

Last month, an AP article highlighted my “laser-like focus” on serving my constituents. I take this as the highest praise I can receive. Over the past 12 years, my staff and I have helped solve over 17,000 constituent cases—helping Long Islanders cut through the red tape to get their Social Security, Medicare, and veterans benefits. It shows the profound impact a member of Congress can have on the community.

We need problem solvers in Washington. Men and women willing to reach across the aisle, compromise, and come to solutions that get things done. This past year, I was one of four coauthors in the House—two Republicans and two Democrats—of the Water Resources Development Act, legislation that invests in our nation’s water infrastructure and creates thousands of good-paying jobs. This is the kind of positive result cooperation and collegiality can produce.

When President Bill Clinton came to Stony Brook University to rally for my reelection, he told the crowd, “He is a great congressman, in the old fashioned sense of the word. He realizes that every day, no matter what’s being voted on in Congress, he could make something good happen for the people of this district.” To me that statement captured perfectly what I’ve done as your congressman and what I will continue to bring to the table: hard work and a focus on improving the lives of my constituents.

I ask for your vote on November 4.

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