Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Revenge Characters 2014

Top 5 Revenge Halloween costumes – 2014 Edition!
Top 5 Revenge Halloween costumes – 2014 Edition! Photos: Oliver Peterson, iStock/Thinkstock, ABC

It’s Halloween in the Hamptons, and even though our favorite Revenge characters are running around covering up murders, setting buildings on fire and being crazy, they still have time to dress up in some fabulous costumes. Here are our picks for the costumes they should wear this year!

1. Jack Porter – Magic Mike
This season, Jack has been seen in two outfits: his cop uniform, and shirtless. Since Nolan already said he looks like a stripper, why not give everyone a cheap thrill for one night? Jack’s a little self-serious, but with a body like his, it’s impossible to look at him in that cop uniform without seeing him onstage giving a lap dance to some lucky gal (or guy). Hey, we can dream, right?

2. Charlotte Grayson – Lisa Rowe (Angelina Jolie’s character from Girl, Interrupted)
Last year, Charlotte was well on her way. She got a job. She distanced herself from her family, met a cute guy and matured. This year, though, Charlotte’s back on drugs and acting all sorts of nuts, threatening to kidnap little Carl, trying to burn Emily alive, attempting suicide and manipulating everyone in her path. What better costume than that of the world’s most beloved sociopath?

3. David – Paul Bunyan
He’s already halfway there, and there’s no way he’s keeping this bearded look through the entire season. Now who will play Babe, his blue ox?

4. Louise Ellis – Alexandra Forrest (Glenn Close’s character from Fatal Attraction)
Show Louise a little kindness and she latches on like a leech! We first met Louise in a mental hospital, where Victoria had compassion for her and made her feel loved. Then she seduced Daniel and when he rebuffed her, she went nuts in an elevator, punching her reflection several times. It’s only a matter of time before she’s boiling whatever designer pet Margaux might have.

5.Daniel Grayson – Forrest Gump
’Nuff said.


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