Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 2: “Disclosure”

Revenge Season 4 Episode 2 Disclosure Jack shows his love
Jack shows some love to his new partner, Photos: ABC, iStock/Thinkstock, Oliver Peterson

Happy Monday, folks. Get ready for a most interesting episode as someone goes crazy (well, crazier than usual), someone gets arrested and something goes up in flames.

We bring you Revenge Season 4, Episode 2: “Disclosure”…

The beach house. A dark and stormy night. Victoria, unconscious on the couch, wakes up with a start. As she gets her bearings, David appears. Victoria can’t believe her eyes; David apologizes for frightening her, but asserts that he needs to know the truth: Did Victoria have a real hand in his downfall? Victoria hesitates, but admits that she helped ruin him. “I’ve regretted that moment ever since,” she cries. David caresses her head and promptly strangles her. Suddenly, Victoria awakens in the back of a van. It was all a dream—except that David is really alive, and driving.

Grayson Manor/Thorne Residence. After getting off the phone with the mental hospital, Emily tries to recruit Nolan to find Victoria, who’s officially missing. Nolan is angry that his revenge-free summer is ruined, but reluctantly agrees to help.

Jack and Ben are monitoring traffic. Ben wants to know about Emily— mainly if she’s single— and Jack says she was friends with his ex-wife, Fauxmanda (or Amanda, for Ben’s sake). Before Jack can say anymore, a car speeds by (likely David’s) and the two take off after it.

Remember Daniel and Margaux? Despite having NOTHING to do with Emily or the revenge saga, they get their own story arc involving Gideon, the most two-dimensional villain on television. Daniel slashes Gideon’s tires so he’ll miss an important meeting.

In the nondescript woods, David opens the van door and Victoria kicks him in the face and makes a run for it. She reaches the road and cries for help. A Mack truck almost hits her, but David rescues her and then tells a shocked Victoria that he can’t lose her again.

At a hotel that doesn’t appear to be the South Fork Inn, Charlotte walks in on Gideon cheating on her. He apologizes for upsetting her but reminds her he’s not actually her boyfriend. Charlotte calls Daniel, who asks her about his rent check, but she confesses to spending it on drugs. Daniel hangs up when Emily gets into the elevator with him. They exchange barbs and Daniel tells her to get lost.

Margaux has a teleconference with the Voulez board in France, where she tries to discredit Gideon, but he arrives at the meeting just in time to make her look bad. Gideon tells her he’s planning on acquiring Corp News (not to be confused with real-life News Corp) and walks away, but Margaux smiles. It seems she has a plan.

Back at the manse, Nolan installs hidden cameras via little whale stickers. He takes out the ol’ whale cam and kisses it, then gets a phone call from Emily, who can’t find Charlotte at the hotel Nolan tracked her to. Nolan is sure Charlotte and Emily are at the same coordinates, and Emily is mortified when she looks up and finds Charlotte at the top of the hotel, threatening to jump. Emily rushes to the top of the hotel and tries to talk her down. Charlotte can’t imagine why Emily would be there, and then gets vertigo and starts to fall, but Ben and Jack arrive just in time and Ben saves her. Ben’s shoulder is hurt, but he’s more interested in chatting with Emily. He tries to question her as Charlotte is taken to the hospital to see a psychiatrist, but Ems dodges him, thanking him for his help and walking off.

In his dark, dungeon-like living quarters, David asks Victoria point-blank if she betrayed him. She lies and tells David that Conrad threatened her into submission before she could save him, that she’s SO sorry and that she’s a victim too.

At a swanky luncheon spot in the city, Daniel intercepts Gideon at his meeting with Corp News. Daniel meets with a reporter friend and makes sure the reporter witnesses Gideon’s lunch with Corp News, which is interrupted by a crazed woman who wants her cocaine back. She grabs it from Gideon’s shirt and leaves. Gideon is ruined! Daniel’s reporter friend runs to get the scoop as Danny grins.

Jack takes Charlotte to the beach house. She again accuses Jack of kidnapping her, but he leaves her with Emily, saying the psychiatrist wants her to be with family. After Jack leaves, Emily tells Charlotte the truth about the kidnapping and reveals what Charlotte should have figured out years ago—she’s her sister Amanda Clarke.

Victoria asks David how he survived. David tells her that he’ll give her details in due time (clearly the writers haven’t figured it out yet), but for now he’s concerned for Charlotte, who he believes to be his only living child. Victoria doesn’t tell him that his other daughter is alive and well and living in Southampton. Instead she tells him that she feels like a prisoner. Not wanting her to feel uncomfortable (she’s well beyond discomfort, David), he takes her to breakfast.

Emily and Charlotte talk about what’s happened, and Emily shows her the infinity box—which is no longer the high-tech one from last year, but the original…somehow. “You spent three years fighting for a family that was right in front of you…you chose revenge instead of me. You can’t take it back,” Charlotte hisses as she takes the infinity box and throws it to the ground, storming off.

Victoria and David have breakfast (at a diner that is definitely not The Princess Diner or the Highway Diner, which recently closed). David realizes that Victoria is holding a knife in her hand and understands that she’s afraid, but she warms to him after he confesses to killing Conrad. Nothing more romantic than murder, apparently.

Emily Shark Meme Revenge
Photo: ABC

Back at the beach house, Nolan consoles Emily. “Charlotte was right. I chose revenge over her. My father’s gone. I did it all for a dead man, he’s never going to know,” she laments. Charlotte suddenly calls Emily and she bolts.

Margaux and Gideon square off in Margaux’s apartment. Gideon threatens to kill Margaux and Daniel. Margaux calls Corp News and tells them that the incident with the drugs was all an act of revenge from Daniel and to disregard it. Sound fishy?

Shirtless Ben and Jack hang out in the locker room. Jack bristles when Ben expresses more interest in Emily and tells him Em’s fiance died just a few months earlier, which is a polite way of saying, “back the hell off.”

At the Stowaway, which apparently has no lock, Charlotte hands Emily a note to express her feelings. Emily starts to read the note…but is knocked out by a bottle-brandishing Charlotte, who is clearly following in the crazy Clarke footsteps.

Margaux takes Gideon to the airport, where he doesn’t understand why she couldn’t get him a private jet for his trip to meet Corp News. A police dog sniffs Gideon and goes nuts. Moments later, Gideon is arrested for trying to smuggle drugs. Margaux grins. She heads to Daniel’s apartment, where they have sex.

As they drive, Victoria tells David that someone ruined her life and that she can’t have a future with him until that someone is eliminated. “Her name is Emily Thorne.”

But it doesn’t look like David needs to defend Victoria’s honor anytime soon, since Charlotte torches the Stowaway. “Goodbye, sis,” she says at the place goes up in flames.

Closing Thoughts: This episode was atrocious. The David stuff was boring and predictable, and the Daniel/Margaux/Gideon bit was pointless. The show was also much less specific about location and atmosphere this week, seeming to ignore the Hamptons setting because of the rushed plot. Charlotte torching the Stowaway was interesting, but it felt more like an excuse to get rid of that set so Jack can just focus on being a boring cop. Let’s hope things improve, because this show is starting to feel very, very strained…

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