More Crack for Sale Signs Found in Sag Harbor, North Haven

Crack For Sale sign
Crack For Sale sign in Sag Harbor, Photo: Sue Farrell

Sag Harbor Police reported this week that they found and removed a “Crack for Sale” sign in front of the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum on Main Street last Wednesday, October 29.

On Thursday, Police said they turned the sign over to the Southampton Town Police Department, which had removed a number of similar signs in North Haven. The East Hampton Star reports that Southampton Town Police, who were not available for comment today, found the woman responsible for posting the signs, and said she did it as a way to get back at an ex-boyfriend.

The news puts to bed a longtime mystery, initiated in May of 2013, when attained a photograph of a “Crack For Sale” sign (see above) posted near Noyac Road and Brick Kiln in Sag Harbor. That sign specified the supposed dealer’s name and address, but police in Sag Harbor said they did not know of any crack dealer busted as a result of the signs, or whether the woman’s ex actually sells drugs.

Assuming the May, 2013 sign was the first, the creator’s smear campaign has continued over a protracted period of around 18 months.

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