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Southampton, Tuckahoe Merger Straw Vote Fails

A straw vote Tuesday on the potential annexation of Tuckahoe School District by Southampton School District failed at the polls, as a majority of Southampton voters rejected the move.

Tuckahoe voters overwhelming approved annexation, with 95.5% voting in favor. However, both districts needed to greenlight annexation, and only 47.7% of Southampton voters cast their ballots in favor.

YES  533 
NO   25
YES  972
NO 1066

A straw vote in October 2013 also failed, though this time the margin of defeat in Southampton was smaller.

Southampton School District has been the receiving district for most of Tuckahoe’s ninth- through 12th-graders for decades, but in recent years Tuckahoe residents have decried how their taxes keep rising to be able to afford Southampton High School tuition.

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