Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 6: “Damage”

Victoria David Revenge Season 4 Episode 6
Victoria tries to get her Dave-Bot working, Photo: ABC, iStock/Thinkstock

David threw down the revenge gauntlet this week — but who is his target? Read on to find out!

And now, Revenge, Season 4, Episode 6: “Damage”…

As the sun rises on the beach, Emily watches David getting ready for a swim and flashes back to playing with her dad as a child.

Charlotte wakes up in the stranger’s bed from last week. She finds him in his kitchen. “Vince” then pulls a gun and tells her to sit down; he’s been waiting for this moment for a “long, long time.”

Victoria visits David at the beach house with a suit for his upcoming television interview. Sensing he’s planning something, she asks him if he’s ready to tell his story, clearly nervous that something bad is going to come out about her.

At Nolan’s house, Emily and Nolan hack into the FBI’s website to watch David’s statement to them. Because it’s just that easy. They are both disturbed as he tells the FBI agent about his fears and hopelessness. But Emily thinks there’s something more going on…

Charlotte tries to reason with Vince, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Suddenly, Charlotte swings her chair in Vince’s face, and the two get into a brawl that would make Takeda proud. Charlotte, by sheer force of will or pure dumb luck, gains the advantage when he grabs her from behind and she responds by kicking the wall, knocking them both to the ground. Charlotte grabs the gun, but suddenly freaks out when it appears that Vince is dead…

Margaux calls Daniel to tell him that he’s made Page 6 with Louise. Danny’s horror turns to relief when Margaux tells him it’s just Louise announcing their business partnership. Victoria makes an impromptu visit and is horrified that he’s gotten involved with Louise. She finally tells Daniel about her time in the mental hospital and that Louise is mentally ill. “I can handle her,” Daniel says. “You said the same thing about Emily Thorne,” she sighs.

The cops are told that one Officer Mostrowski has passed away from a heart attack. Ben’s interest is piqued—this is the same cop that beat Conrad up in prison (and, as the audience knows, helped him escape). Ben starts asking a cop questions about the death and how suspicious it seems, but the cop is exasperated and blurts out that he’s got to stop, seeing as how last week he was accusing Jack. Jack is livid with Ben, who says it wasn’t personal. “You’re a beat cop,” Jack reminds the worst new character on the show.

Charlotte looks through Vince’s stuff and is shocked by what she sees. There’s a knock at the door. She opens it to find Emily there, ready to help. Emily checks Vince, whose neck is broken, and in the blink of an eye figures out that Vince was one of the last remaining Flight 197 fanatics.

Louise excitedly meets with Victoria for drinks. Victoria embraces her and tells her she’s so happy that Louise is working with Daniel. As things get more and more sweet, Louise snaps out of it and approaches her. Victoria is extremely cold to her and all but threatens the southern belle. Louise asks Victoria if they can see each other again, but Victoria says no and walks off to meet Margaux for lunch. She tells Margaux that she must cut the live feed at David’s interview in case of anything unpleasant. Victoria is unnerved to find out that David invited Nolan.

Emily makes Vince’s death look like an accident while telling Charlotte it’s time to grow up. As Emily injects poor Vince with heroin and forces it to circulate to look like he overdosed and fell, ever-grateful Charlotte asks Emily if she killed Aidan. Emily can’t take it anymore and tells Charlotte that it was mommie dearest who committed that crazy act.

Daniel’s shocked to find Margaux and Louise playing tennis together at a country club that doesn’t appear to be in the Hamptons. After Margaux leaves, Daniel asks Louise what she’s up to. Louise defends herself after Daniel confronts her about meeting Vic in a mental hospital, but then apologizes when she explains that she didn’t feel it was her place to tell Victoria’s business.

Emily calls Nolan as she drives. She tells him that Vince had a photo of David walking in public on March 15 (Ides of March…clever, writers!), which doesn’t add up with when he escaped. She is upset when Nolan refuses to continue to look into it. He hangs up and David thanks him for coming. Nolan and Victoria exchange quick barbs, then the interview begins…

David talks about his horrible time in captivity, while Emily investigates his supposed captivity quarters. David asks Nolan to join him on screen and ambushes him, accusing him of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from Amanda. A stunned Nolan doesn’t know what to say and hurries out.

Revenge David and Nolan Meme
David and Nolan talk clothes, Photo: ABC

Jack is angry at Mostrowski’s wake when he finds Ben asking his daughter questions. After interrupting the talk, Jack threatens to find another partner.

Later, Louise calls Margaux to congratulate her on the interview, but quickly asks what she knows about Victoria. When Margaux sounds confused, Louise invites her to lunch.

At the hotel, Victoria walks in on Charlotte packing for rehab. She’s overjoyed that Charlotte’s taken control of her life, but Charlotte reams her out for all the evil she’s committed, including murdering Aiden to get back at Emily. Victoria tries to reason with Charlotte, who coldly says goodbye and walks out.

David confronts Nolan at his house and the two argue. Nolan maintains that he would never steal from him and that he’s looked to David like a father figure. David responds by punching him in the face and walking out. Emily walks in and sees Nolan cowering on the ground. When she asks him what happened, he simply says, “your lies finally caught up to me.”

Meanwhile, in the subplot nobody cares about, Jack catches Ben walking around the dead cop’s garage. Ben reveals everything he knows about the cop, and that it just doesn’t add up; the daughter said he lived alone, but neighbors said a man was seen coming and going often. They then find the double infinity sign on the wall, and Jack promptly switches gears.

Charlotte says goodbye to Daniel at the hotel and begins to tell him “a secret about Emily,” which we don’t hear, but is presumably that she’s Amanda Clarke.

Victoria finds David at the beach house. He’s devastated that he has nobody left from his old life except Vic, and she promises to always be there for him. She goes to leave, but he grabs her and tells her to stay with him. They embrace…

Emily apologizes to Nolan, but then it’s back to business: Everything in his so-called dungeon seems to be staged (duh)! When Nolan asks how she knows, she reveals that everything in the prison seems to be old and rusty…except the bed, which looks new. Cue the shocking music…

Closing Thoughts: Nolan finally had something to do other than hack into computer systems for Emily, so that’s something, right? His confrontation with David at the house was very emotionally potent, considering how close Nolan has said they were. But at the same time, this season seems to be one dark episode after another, and I mean that literally — it’s summer in the Hamptons, so show some parties! Imagine David confronting Nolan at a swanky party in front of the entire community, or Louise crashing a gala and being publicly humiliated by Victoria. Maybe next time…

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