Another Reason Not to Anger East End Deer

When deer fight back in the Hamptons
When deer fight back in the Hamptons, Photo: Lightwriter1949, Ljupco/iStock/Thinkstock

As I sort through the scores of articles written about the alleged overpopulation of deer on the East End, there is one scenario that has yet to be contemplated. What are the possible repercussions if we really piss-off the deer?

Well, a young girl from Arkansas might just have the answer to that question. It seems that 17-year-old Tori Henry was grievously injured recently by buck’s antlers while she was driving her car. But this wasn’t your typical car-versus-deer auto accident. This was very serious as the buck busted through her driver’s side window and impaled her jawbone with his antlers.

So, we have to ask, was there any hidden motive behind the “accident?” Animal lovers may argue that deer everywhere are getting fed up with the negative publicity surrounding their presence, and this incited the buck’s kamikaze-like behavior.

I expect that an argument could be made that Hamptons deer, like the local residents, are more sophisticated than those living in Arkansas, and would not resort to such barbaric behavior.

But everything and everyone has a breaking point. Who is to say that our local deer population is not becoming agitated to the point of retaliation?

In search of an answer to this question, it would seem prudent that we send someone to Arkansas to interview this latest victim of deer aggression? Perhaps she can shed some light on what was on this particular buck’s mind just before impact. Did she see something in his eyes that suggested he was angry? Was he snarling? Was this attempted assassination planned?

We already know, as Tori from Arkansas will testify, that if a deer wants to make its point, we are not safe in our cars. But let’s not forget that they have also been documented jumping through plate glass windows and entering homes and businesses, causing damage to both person and property.

All these deer are packing hoof and, in the case of the bucks, antlers for a part of the year.

I am just a simple writer. I do not profess to have all the answers. All I am suggesting is that maybe we need to tone down the dialogue. Would you rather have a trampled garden and decimated bushes, or a face full of antlers?

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