Paul McCartney Song Has Legs with Destiny Patch and DLC

Paul McCartney has an original song on Bungie's Destiny video game
Paul McCartney has an original song on Bungie's Destiny video game, Photo: Activision/Bungie, Angel_1978/iStock/Thinkstock, Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Thinkstock

For those who don’t already know, Hamptonite Paul McCartney contributed a song, “Hope For The Future” to the soundtrack of Destiny, a recent hit game made by Bungie, creators of the legendary Halo video game series. Destiny puts gamers in the role of a few brave souls attempting to bring the galaxy out of darkness and alien rule, and return to the glory of its “Golden Age,” when planets like Mars and Venus were made habitable and colonized by man.

Hoping to reach a younger audience—and introduce his music to the demographic who might ask, “Who are The Beatles?”—McCartney reportedly (according to allowed Bungie to use the song for free. “Hope For The Future” accompanies Destiny‘s end credits, but, perhaps as an incentive to watch the entire credits, fans have to wait through approximately 2 minutes of scrolling names and atmospheric orchestral music before Bungie presents McCartney’s original tune.

“Hope For The Future” will be released to a wider audience on Monday, December 8.

Screenshot of Destiny's fast-paced action
Screenshot of Destiny’s fast-paced action, Photo: Activision/Bungie

Surprisingly, Destiny isn’t the rock legend’s first foray into video games. In 2009, McCartney and his old band-mate Ringo Starr, along with John Lennon and George Harrison’s respective widows, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, helped create and launch a Beatles-themed installment of the popular Rock Band video game series. That game, however, did not include an original song.

If players have moved on from Destiny to newer hits, such as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare or Dragon Age III, they might soon be coming back to Bungie’s sci-fi action adventure. On Monday, December 1, Bungie released a massive patch, addressing a wide breadth of issues and fixing them in the game. In addition, Destiny‘s first major downloadable content (DLC) expansion The Dark Below will be released exclusively for Playstation on Tuesday, December 9. XBox players will have to wait until “at least” fall of 2015 for the DLC.

As part of an effort to help promote the Destiny DLC and the “Hope For The Future” release, McCartney announced Wednesday that he created his own “Guardian” character for the game (shown above).

As described on, Guardians choose from three classes—Titan, Hunter or Warlock—and Paul has opted for a female Hunter. “Hunters are the biggest risk takers out of all the classes, they like to bend the rules to make their own luck,” his website explains, also noting that Paul’s character is part of the Awoken race, which are descendants of humans. After choosing the class and race, Paul was able to personalize his character’s face.

“I had quite a laugh creating her,” McCartney said of the experience.

Listen to McCartney’s “Hope For The Future” and watch some fairly boring video game credits below.

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