Jerry Seinfeld Guest Stars on Colin Quinn’s ‘Cop Show’

Colin Quinn in "Cop Show" from L Studio.
Colin Quinn in "Cop Show" from L Studio.

Colin Quinn‘s new web series Cop Show, about making a police procedural, debuted Wednesday and East Hampton’s Jerry Seinfeld guest stars.

Quinn stars as a fictionalized version of himself, who is starring in a really bad detective show with terrible dialogue and obstrusive product placement.

Seinfeld, who watches footage in disgust, can’t believe he is associated with the show—the fake show, not the real one.

“When my name is attached to something, a TV thing, people expect that they’re going to see a quality show,” Seinfeld says. Well, they don’t.

He also rants about people who still stop him in the street to talk about Seinfeld. “‘How’s George?’ I got to hear that all day on the street. How’s the guy you used to work with 15 years ago? Where’s he? You don’t know, right?”

Watch the first episode:

Quinn will perform February 28 at Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center.

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