Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 17: “Loss”

David and Carl share a teachable moment—lock picks, swords and all... on Revenge
David and Carl share a teachable moment—lock picks, swords and all..., Photo: ABC, Hemera Technologies, Vudhikrai Sovannakran/PhotoObjects.net, iStock/Thinkstock

A friendly face returns, Nolan’s marriage gets even more complicated and Emily and Margaux’s war claims its first casualty. And there’s even time for a ninja fight and mini-takedown!

Revenge, Season 4, Episode 17: “Loss”

We open with that famous flashback of Emily being taken from David as a child, juxtaposed with Carl being taken from Jack. Emily wakes up, having dozed off while watching the toddler. David, who is the last person I’d want babysitting my kid, comes in to relieve Ems of her duties. Emily declares that she’s going to get back at Margaux and leaves. David plays with Carl, who could not be less interested in the little taxi David brought to play with.

Officer Schaffer informs Jack that the lab lost his blood test results. As Jack laments that he doesn’t even have a lawyer, he’s brought into a visitation room, where his mother, alcoholic attorney Stevie Grayson, is waiting! Emily called Stevie as soon as Jack was arrested. Stevie assures Jack she’ll get him out of this, but first asks him if he was actually drinking. Jack swears he wasn’t and Stevie is relieved, being an alcoholic and such.

Victoria meets Margaux at the doctor’s office. Margaux and Vic go over the plans for the new Daniel Grayson Memorial Wing at Southampton Medical Center. Victoria wants Margaux to announce her pregnancy at the groundbreaking. A nurse comes in and performs an ultrasound, where Victoria and Margaux see the baby’s heart beating for the first time. This isn’t going to end well, is it?

Hamptons Authenticity Alert: There’s no Southampton Medical Center in the Hamptons, but they were close. We have Southampton Hospital—that’s it—and Southampton Medical Center is similar enough without creating any legal issues.

At casa Ross, Louise spills a blender full of tomato juice when Nolan startles her. She plays dumb and asks if he’s seen Lyman. Nolan tells Louise about Jack being arrested and has to run out to see if he can help, but as he goes to leave, Ben shows up with some bad news for Louise: Her brother was found dead on the beach. Cue fake devastated reaction and Nolan’s suspicious glance.

At the courthouse, Jack enters a plea of not guilty. Stevie gets him bail, but a social worker must be hired to see if Jack is a fit father (he’s definitely fit—have you seen his locker room scenes?). As they leave courtroom, Emily sees Margaux and confronts her, but her henchman, who finally has a name—James Allen—stops her.

Ben questions Louise with Nolan at her side. Louise lies, saying she scolded Lyman for his heavy drinking and breaks down crying. Ben begins to question whether Louise and Lyman fought the night before, but Nolan steps in and says that he and Lyman were the ones who had a fight.

At the Beach Club, a hospital board member tells Victoria that her wing was voted down. She looks at the board roster and sees Emily’s name on it. Uh-oh…

Emily pours some coffee for Team Revenge—now comprising Emily, Nolan, Jack and honorary member Stevie—as they go over the facts. Stevie goes over Ben’s statement with the group. Apparently he called Jack hostile and violent during his arrest. Emily is appalled, but Jack understands that Ben was just telling the truth—he did freak out when Carl was taken from him. Stevie wonders whether Officer Schaffer was smart enough to alter the breathalyzer, and Jack realizes his orange juice may have been spiked. Deus Ex Nolan immediately pulls up security cam footage, where they see James Allen (we’ll call him by his full name because I’m just so excited they gave him a name) by the bar. Emily resolves to find some hard evidence.

Emily breaks into James Allen’s apartment. She looks for evidence, but James Allen comes up behind her. After some quick Takeda chops and acrobatics, Ems gets the upper hand a pulls a gun on him. He levels with Emily, offering her the missing blood sample. He throws it in the air and she catches it ninja-style, but when she looks back James Allen is gone.

Emily meets Ben in the parking garage of the Suffolk County Police Department (this is in Yaphank, with NO parking garage, bee tee dubs) and gives him the blood vial. Sorry, you lost me at parking garage.

Jack and Stevie try to impress the social worker, Tony Hughes (the adorkable Josh Pence), who judges Jack on his choice of babysitter (crazy David Clarke), his profession (bartender) and choice of day care center (at the bar/beach club). His concerns are heightened when Stevie reluctantly confirms that she’s in recovery.

Victoria surprises Emily at the mansion and asks her if she voted down the hospital wing. Emily says she voted in favor of it since Daniel saved her life and Vicky believes her. Ems fills Victoria in on Margaux’s latest schemes and tells her to take care of the increasingly dangerous media mogul—or she will.

At the Southampton Beach Club, Nolan meets Tony the social worker Tony and, his gaydar clearly pinging, tries to flirt his way out of the questioning. The social worker is unmoved and unimpressed. He notes that Nolan creating an unlicensed childcare center just so Jack can work there is irresponsible. As he goes to leave, Nolan stands up and declares that Jack is a loving, wonderful father.

At the courthouse, Stevie questions Officer Schaffer about whether or not he could have been mistaken about Jack’s drinking. She then announces that they have the blood sample after all, but Judge Knowles says that it could have been contaminated so it’s not admissible. Stevie gets mouthy and argumentative and the bitchy judge holds her in contempt of court!

Revenge Season 4 Episode17 Loss Meme Stevie Grayson Contempt of court
Photo: ABC

Luckily, Stevie’s bail is promptly posted…by David. He says that he wants to help her since she wanted to help him years ago. They bond over their efforts to make up for being absentee parents.

As Team Revenge goes over their strategy, Stevie comes in and says that she has never been held in contempt before—Judge Knowles must be on Margaux’s payroll. Nolan does his thang and learns that the Judge’s reelection is coming up. A quick Google search reveals that several publications have endorsed the Judge—and they’re all from LeMarchal Media.

Margaux admits that she was the one who voted down the hospital wing because she doesn’t want her baby in Daniel’s shadow. Margaux agrees to change her vote as long as she doesn’t have to announce her pregnancy.

At the Beach Club, Nolan flatters Judge Knowles and offers her a bottle of wine, but she declines. Later, Ben pulls Judge Knowles over, explaining that he received a complaint that she was driving erratically. When she reluctantly agrees to a breathalyzer, she’s stunned when Ben says it’s .15. Judge Knowles then gets a call from Emily, who names herself “Lady Justice” (!!) and reads the judge the riot act. Emily tells the crooked judge that her water was laced with acetone, which can register as alcohol in blood tests. She believes this is what happened to Jack. Emily says that unless Judge Knowles agrees to allow the blood test as evidence, she will reveal the bribes from LeMarchal Media. Boom! Takedown!

The next morning, Stevie arrives at the mansion with news that all charges against Jack have been dropped! Stevie offers to take everyone for brunch, but Emily has some revenging to do. David follows her inside and tells her to end the constant cycle of takedowns and war.

Louise tells Nolan that Lyman’s body is on its way back home, but she doesn’t want to go to the funeral. Thankfully for us, Louise also tells Nolan what really happened. He’s glad to know the truth but a tad disturbed. He then gets a call from the Beach Club that the social worker is there.

Emily surprises Margaux on the streets of NYC. She wants to call a truce—this needs to stop. Margaux thinks Emily’s lying, but Emily offers an olive branch in the form of her real birth certificate. Margaux takes it, but says that she won’t stop until Daniel’s good name is restored. Margaux walks away and…right into an oncoming taxi! Margaux is rushed to the ER, where Victoria is waiting. As she is taken into the operating room, Emily enters and assures Victoria that it was an accident. Get the hell out of my sight, Victoria hisses.

Nolan meets Tony the Social Worker at the Beach Club. Tony wants to apologize for his judgment earlier and Nolan senses he’s flirting. When Tony sees Nolan’s wedding ring, he freaks out, but Nolan assures him it’s not what it looks like and invites him for a drink.

Jack and Stevie bond. Emily rushes to David’s house for a hug and he finally feels wanted.

Victoria visits Margaux in her hospital room, where Margaux announces that the baby’s lost. She breaks down in Victoria’s arms. Victoria implores her to tell her exactly what happened with Emily. Margaux explains that Emily cornered her on the street, claiming to want peace. She even gave Margaux the birth certificate. But then…

“She pushed me.”

Closing Thoughts: Who didn’t see the miscarriage coming? While the scenes were excellent and Karine Vanasse is very talented, I’d say Margaux’s life officially pushes her over the edge. And are they doing crazy Louise again? There’s something off in her scenes with Nolan.

Takedown of the week: Judge Knowles
Performer of the week: Carl
Performer of the week, runner-up: Karine Vanasse
Lingering question: So, according to Revenge, falling off a parapet onto a hard marble floor won’t cause a miscarriage, but walking into an oncoming taxi will?

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