Emily Thorne’s Hamptons Beach House on The Sims 4

Master of The Sims 4 house building program, BSimBuilder, has recreated another iconic Hamptons home from an ABC television show. First he built Richard Castle’s Hamptons home from one episode of ABC’s police procedural/whodunnit mystery Castle. This time, the digital artist/architect brings us Emily Thorne’s iconic Hamptons beach house from our favorite primetime soap, Revenge. Done in exacting detail, the house is recreated from top to bottom, inside and out—all the way down to the interior design and landscaping (though it’s stuck within the confines of The Sims 4‘s city block structure).

This lovely home—which is actually in Southport, North Carolina—just sold for $1.2 million on March 11, but it will remain forever in reruns of Revenge and the hearts of fans. Now, thanks to BSimBuilder, Sims players can attempt to cajole their digital avatars into creating dastardly plots and exacting vengeance upon their enemies! But will their Victoria Grayson Sim pose a dead body by Emily’s glowing hearth? Oh, how we miss you, Aiden.

Now for the details, which have been meticulously recreated here: Built in 2003, the house is 3,901 square feet of Hamptonsy-though-not-in-the-Hamptons goodness. It has a fabulous open floor plan with three bedrooms and three full baths, wraparound porch and a third-floor grand master suite with private sun porch, walk-in closets and large bathroom. The actual house also has a waterfront pool with pool house and a private pier extending out into what we can only assume is supposed to be Taylor Creek or Halsey Neck Pond on Revenge, though it’s really Cape Fear in NC.

The video’s ambitious creator, BSimBuilder, says he’s loving the show and now plans to bring us Grayson Manor, which is an absolute beast of a home. It will be quite an undertaking.

See more of BSimBuilder’s amazing creations here!

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