Top 5 Most Explosive Moments on Revenge

Victoria Grayson Revenge KABOOM
Victoria gets it done, Photo: ABC, andrewburgess/iStock/Thinkstock

Victoria may have met her fate (supposedly) when she blew up Grayson Manor at the end of last week’s episode of Revenge, but that was far from the only explosive moment the show’s had. Here are our top 5 most explosive moments—both literal and figurative—in Revenge history.

Tyler is found dead on the beach. The Fire and Ice Ball went up in proverbial flames when Charlotte and Declan’s naked beach romp was interrupted by the discovery of a dead body. Initially thought to be Daniel, Victoria was stunned and relieved to find that the bleeding-out corpse was that of Tyler Barrol, Daniel’s mentally unstable former best friend. Tyler’s murder kicked off the second half of Season 1 and was the first time Emily’s plan was truly at risk (Takeda was the culprit, framing Daniel to refocus Emily on her plan).

The Amanda explodes, killing Fauxmanda. It was supposed to be Jack and Fauxmanda’s romantic wedding night, but the heat aboard The Amanda had little to do with love. After rushing back to get her friendship necklace (dumbest move ever, by the way), Fauxmanda was unable to stop Nate Ryan from flipping his lighter and blowing up the boat. Although Emily survived, Fauxmanda perished at sea.

Conrad bombs his own offices, killing Declan. Conrad lured Jack to Grayson Global’s NYC offices with the intent to fake a terrorist attack on the building and kill the vengeful bartender, but a twist of fate led Jack’s brother/Charlotte’s boyfriend and baby daddy Declan there, instead. Declan’s emergency open-heart surgery was unsuccessful, causing Charlotte to have a miscarriage and Jack to grab a gun and attempt to assassinate Conrad.

Daniel shoots Emily after learning she lied about, well, everything. Wedding nights are risky events on Revenge. A confrontation with Victoria in which a glib Emily admitted to faking her pregnancy to ensnare Daniel led to the drunken groom impulsively shooting his wife several times, leaving her to die in the ocean. Ems was saved by the always-reliable Aiden, but from here on Emily’s cover was blown and the Graysons began a “War of the Roses” marriage.

Conrad is stabbed to death by a very-alive David Clarke. David Clarke, patron saint of Revenge—the whole reason for Emily Thorne’s existence and the driving force behind every single event that has transpired since the show began—was revealed to be alive during a stunning sequence in the Season 3 finale. Escaped convict Conrad expected to get a ride to freedom after being let out of prison by a corrupt guard, but instead he got a knife to the gut, delivered by none other than David, who was clearly not the angel he’d been made out to be. As Conrad bled out to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “Softly as I Leave You,” David smiled and drove off.

Which events do you consider to be Revenge’s most explosive? Let us know!

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