Wölffer Estate Replaces The Cuddy in Sag Harbor?

What is Roman Roth and Wolffer putting in place of The Cuddy?
What is Roman Roth and Wolffer putting in place of The Cuddy? Photo: Barbara Lassen, Stacy Dermont

We heard it through the grapevine that Wölffer Estate Vineyards will be taking over the former space of Jeff Resnick’s The Cuddy in Sag Harbor this season.

DansPapers.com can confirm from a highly reliable source at Wölffer that winemaker Roman Roth is “working on the wine list.”  Supporting the rumor further, boxes emblazoned with the Wölffer Estate Vineyards logo are stacked in the windows of the 29 Main Street address, blocking the view of the interior.

Officials at Wolffer remain tightlipped. But we wondered, who can really keep a secret as tasty as this under wraps in the Hamptons and expect it to remain secret?

Theories abound on what will in fact be opening, or launching, or popping up for the summer—especially after this little teaser in the form of a question was asked at the weekly Townline BBQ Quiz Night this week: What is replacing The Cuddy in Sag Harbor?

Will this new space be a restaurant? Tasting room outpost? Nightclub? Rosé-themed hookah bar? New site of Grapes of Roth? It all remains to be seen until the official announcement is released in the coming days.

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