Is the Photographer the Most Important Pro at Your Wedding? We Think So!

Your photography is the most import professional at your wedding.
Your photography is the most import professional at your wedding. Photo credit: Vivid Visions Photo-Graphics

When the moments count, the photos will be priceless, so for your wedding, make sure you have hired the best photographer and videographer that YOUR money can buy. It’s very tempting in this digital age of photography to call on the services of a friend or relative who has a great set of camera gear, but believe us when we say that you will run a serious risk of “you-get-what-you-pay-for-itis.”

It’s true that the latest cameras capture amazing images and videos, no matter the photographer’s skill level, but covering a wedding is really a special art that requires special gear, training, and experience to assure that you receive the beautiful images you envision. A professional photographer is worth every penny you will spend on their services.

We realize that over the years, wedding photographers have gotten a bad rap, and in many instances it has been deserved. However, for every disreputable photography studio that overcharges and under-delivers, there are many more who are dedicated, conscientious, serious professionals who elevate wedding photography to an art form—and they can be found at all price points.

Define your budget and preferred style of coverage for your wedding day before you begin your search for a professional photographer and/or videographer. These days, photo-journalism is quite popular, but if you envision glamorous stylized images and video, then consider a studio team who will come with props, special lighting and multiple photographers.

Coverage that is primarily photo-journalistic will likely feel like the most relaxed and natural, but there should be some time set aside for formal portraits of the wedding party and the wedding couple’s families. Since it takes less time away from the celebration, this style works really well if you want to mix and mingle with guests (and who doesn’t?).

If you are considering the stylized shoot, be sure to allow plenty of time for the session. This will involve special lighting set-ups, props and perhaps even travel to a special location. An ideal scenario would be to hold the session prior to the ceremony, or leave a couple of hours between the ceremony and the start of the reception.

Photo credit: Vivid Visions Photo-Graphics
Photo credit: Vivid Visions Photo-Graphics

Once you have narrowed your selections with style and budget, start your search at North Fork Weddings and South Fork Weddings to find photographers and videographers you may like working with. At this point your selection should be about making sure the pro understands your vision, and can capture the images you have in mind. Also, make sure you like the photographer/videographer and their team, as you will be spending most of the wedding day with them. If you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, that will show in your photos.

Once you find the pros who fit YOUR bill, all that is left is to review the shot list, decide on the albums, prints, and other deliverables, reserve the date and get it all in writing. Oh, and of course, be prepared to LOVE your photos.

Visit and to find reputable, pre-screened, and incredibly talented wedding photographers and videographers, along with any other services you may need for your wedding or celebration on the East End.

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