There’s a New Food Truck at Montauk’s Ditch Plains

Ditch Plains Beach's new Montauk Boardriders food truck
Ditch Plains Beach's new Montauk Boardriders food truck, Photo: Courtesy Harmless Harvest

A new food truck has made its way to The End. Named after its operator, Montauk Boardriders, this truck is distinct from others of its kind. Rather than cooking and preparing foods onsite, the Montauk Boardriders truck will offer an array of pre-packaged snacks coming from all raw, ethically sourced and healthy brands, mostly from the New York Area.

The featured product at the truck is 100% raw coconut water from Harmless Harvest, an organic and fair trade coconut water brand. By parterning with Montauk Boardriders, Harmless Harvest hopes to create “positive loops between plants and people, while enhancing their time at the beach, and helping them further enjoy their time in Montauk,” says Billy Stewart, Marketing Manager for Harmless Harvest.

Harmless Harvest offers the world’s first 100% raw, ready-to-drink coconut water. Their organic coconut water is never heated, between harvesting the Nam Hom coconuts in Thailand to shipping to stores in the United States. The novel, high-pressure processing allows the coconut water to extend its refrigerated shelf life and maintain the aroma, flavor and nutrients of the raw ingredients.

“Montauk Boardriders and Harmless Harvest are two companies that go hand-in-hand with summertime,” Stewart says. “You’ve got the perfect activity paired with the perfect refreshment. While Montauk Boardriders is offering a great experience in the water, Harmless Harvest is on the beach providing nourishment and refreshment to get back out for another session. It’s all about enjoying Montauk responsibly. It’s good, clean fun.”

In addition to Harmless Harvest products, expect plenty of other healthy and natural snacks to be offered on the truck. Featured items include Guayaki brand Yerba Mate, blended superfood juices from Rawpothecary, and People’s Pops—ice pops made from fresh, locally sourced fruits.

One of the unique offerings from the Montauk Boardriders food truck is their signature Beach Bags, which include a prepared arrangement of the truck’s offerings. “Each of the Beach Bags has a specific functionality,” Stewart says. “For example, there’s a medley called Second Wind. It has Harmless Harvest Cinnamon Clove with anti-inflammatory properties, a Rawpothecary smoothie, and a Barnana [organic healthy snack]. The goal is that each curated Beach Bag will meet the specific needs of an individual on any given day. There’s options that range from providing more energy for swell to recuperating from a long day spent in the sun.”

While the Montauk Boardriders truck has healthy options for all types of Montauk beach-goers, surfers will love the truck’s various summer promotions made specifically for them. “Some of these include ‘Flat Day Fuel’ and ‘Surf’s Up Special,’ Stewart explains. “We hope to do a friendly surf contest with giveaways. And we might have a few more events up our sleeves as we get deeper into the summer season.”

The Montauk Boardriders truck will be stationed at Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk this summer, parked in a dirt lot alongside a hot dog vendor and the Ditch Witch food truck.

“Montauk is a special place,” Stewart says. “Everyone that visits here knows that. Simply put, Montauk is authentic. Everyone wants to be close to something authentic; to feel something authentic. There aren’t many places left on earth quite like it. We really hope to contribute to the integrity of what Montauk is all about.”

The Montauk Boardriders truck will be running at Ditch Plains all summer, playing music and serving healthy products through Labor Day. Follow and use the hashtag #MBRxHH for updates about the truck.

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