Last Call: Police Are Taking Back Montauk

The Surf Lodge in Montauk
The Surf Lodge in Montauk

The big news out of Montauk is that the police were everywhere last weekend. And they were out enforcing county and town laws that prevent overcrowding, noise, public drunkenness, lewdness and driving while intoxicated.

I believe there will also need to be laws that prevent bars from being open all night. There’s such a thing as “last call.” It’s going to be a huge effort to gain control of a situation that has spun out of control there, as was forcefully presented by 200 Montaukers at a town meeting last week. Nothing can prevent more people from coming out. But one certainly can help them to modify their behavior.

I’m told some officers are stationed at the bars after midnight, and when they see someone stagger out and hop in their car and start it up, they intervene and check with their Breathalyzer and drunk-walk tests. Newsday reported there were seven arrests in Montauk last weekend and 85 summonses issued. The town is also considering requiring all bars to have their bouncers equipped with mechanical counters, so as someone comes in they click once, or if it’s a couple they click twice, and this way keep tabs on not exceeding the legal fire code occupancy limits. This will be further discussed and perhaps voted upon on August 20.

This is not a proper speed to make new laws. Faster than this would be better.

Anyway, come Labor Day I think the Chief of Police of East Hampton should provide medals for officers who work the hardest to take back Montauk.

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