In the Hamptons 4Ever: A Quick Review

In the Hamptons 4Ever by Dan Rattiner
In the Hamptons 4Ever by Dan Rattiner, Background Photo: Oliver Peterson

Dan Rattiner’s writing formula for In the Hamptons 4Ever works like a charm. Each chapter/story begins with a date between 1960 and 2004, a place in the Hamptons and a protagonist with whom Dan meets. The story develops, takes twists and turns, jumps all about and comes together with a last sentence turn that brings a final chuckle as it is tied up into a neat package.

It doesn’t hurt for the reader of In the Hamptons 4Ever to be titillated by references to the rich and famous. And who amongst us isn’t? You never know whose life you are going to get to peak into in Dan’s stories– from a clockmaker, Italian mama restaurateurs, to the biggest, baddest moguls. Dan writes about interesting characters of all stripes and as each story unfolds you will be privy to an unexpected aspect of someone’s humanity.

The descriptive details of people, landscapes,just about anything, sweep you into the writer’s world. From In the Hamptons 4Ever you get it—Dan Rattiner is a masterful storyteller and an affable guy. The kind of fellow you’d like to have for a brother-in-law so you could hear more.

Order In the Hamptons 4 Ever here.

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