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Watch the Trailer for ‘Bait,’ Filmed in Montauk

Bait, a short film that was shot in Montauk, is now hitting the festival circuit. The trailer is available online now.

Charlie Kessler both wrote and directed Bait, a thriller that centers on a young man (Marley Ficalora) coming back to the place he used to visit as a kid. Working in a motel, he finds himself assaulted and tied to a chair.

Kessler also directed a 2011 short, Montauk, about the conspiracy theories concerning the titular place.

Ficalora guest starred on Law & Order: SVU last season. Among the notable actors in the cast are Robert John Burke (Allegiance, Person of Interest, Rescue Me) and James McCaffrey (Rescue Me, Max Payne, Revenge). The cast also includes Kayla Ferguson (Boardwalk Empire), Myles Humphus (Dwayne Johnson‘s stunt double) and Tyler O’Leary.

The short features such recognizable sites as the Long Island Rail Road station and the Breakers motel.

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