Hamptons Subway Newsletter: October 3–9, 2015

Chipotle is partly responsible for Trump's Hamptons Subway election loss
Chipotle is partly responsible for Trump's Hamptons Subway election loss, Photo: andykatz/iStock Editorial/ Thinkstock

Week of October 3–9, 2015
Riders this past week: 8,946
Rider miles this past week: 92,713

Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and David Letterman were seen laughing and chatting together as they rode from Sag Harbor to East Hampton on Wednesday morning.

Fewer riders were on the subway this week compared to last year. Pedestrians at the top of the stairs at Monument Square in Southampton told our survey volunteers they were saving their pennies for next week, when everyone will be in need of the subway during Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF) week.

Riders were startled Monday morning when they came down the escalator to the Westhampton Beach platform to see, alongside the Chipotle and the Subway restaurant kiosks, a bright red Tesla kiosk with a brand new Tesla four-door sedan alongside. How they got the car down there, we do not know, but before noon, it was all gone and a note was found posted to the wall there signed by Elon Musk, who said the kiosk and car had been delivered to the wrong address and he was sorry.

The votes are in and our Commissioner Bill Aspinall has been re-elected over the challenge of Donald Trump. Polls showing Trump ahead during the last week of the race apparently melted after Trump, on the final day, attacked Jose Chipotle, the manager of the kiosks, saying that Trump’s research showed that Jose, 35, the brother to founder Mario, was a man who’d swum the Rio Grande and has been an illegal, illegally employed by his brother since 1992. “He needs to go,” Trump said, pointing south with his index finger. “So do his kids. His wife stays, though. She’s a WASP and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.” Trump also demanded that the penalty for the Chipotle corporation was to have their permit revoked and be kicked off the platforms. Aspinall replied that Chipotle had no permit to open kiosks and he had intended, at the urging of Subway, to get them kicked out. Now he said, he had given Chipotle a permit. As a result of all this, some Trump supporters said they were wavering. They stayed away from the polls and that tipped the scales.

Herbert Hoffenfeffer is holding his annual birthday party in the company cafeteria on Thursday at noon, and everybody should attend to cut the cake. He does not reveal his age. Mr. Hoffenfeffer has been employed for many, many years by Hamptons Subway as one of the flagmen who stands out in the tunnels waving either a red or green flag to the subway trainmen to get them to stop or go, depending on whether there is a holdup in front or not. When the system electrified its signal system with traffic lights in the tunnels in 1988, it was agreed that the flagmen would stay out there at their posts and do their jobs without the traffic lights until retirement. Mr. Hoffenfeffer is the last of these, and that is why the walkway along the wall heading eastbound between East Hampton and Amagansett is wider than the others. It accommodates Mr. Hoffenfeffer’s wheelchair. His place is where the fourth traffic light out from the station would normally be and you should wave and smile to him as you pass by tomorrow when he’s on duty between 6 p.m. and 1 a.m.

Thank you all for your votes. I shall serve another two-year term with gratitude.


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