Hamptons Subway Newsletter: November 19–25, 2015

Hampton Subway 2015 Christmas car
Hampton Subway's 2015 Christmas car, Photo: ferar, lexaarts, Evgeniy1/iStock/Thinkstock

Week of November 19–25, 2015
Riders this past week: 8,835
Rider miles this past week: 91,412

Last Saturday morning, 11 local rock stars, some with international reputations, met at the Hamptons Subway building in Hampton Bays and then, with their instruments, headed out by subway to the platforms they agreed to play a free concert between 11 a.m. and noon. Before 11, you might have seen them in subway cars on the system as they went to their locations (indicated in parenthesis). They were Jimmy Buffett (Sag Harbor), Nancy Atlas (Noyac), Loudon Wainwright III (Amagansett), Paul McCartney (East Hampton), Gene Casey of the Lone Sharks (Montauk), Sting (Westhampton Beach), Nora Jones (Bridgehampton), Paul Simon (Wainscott), Jimmy Fallon (Hampton Bays), Caroline Doctorow (Quogue) and Billy Joel (East Quogue). They drew huge crowds. A few people complained about having difficulty getting to their trains, but all in all it was a success. The concert was to raise awareness for the overarching new international charity called All Charities for the Disadvantaged Everywhere (ACDE). Sorry if you missed it.

The new Christmas subway car we have ordered has arrived. It is all painted up red and green with a picture of Santa on the side, with antlers on the roof and the red light in front and is to be seen on the system every day going through its pre-Christmas testing and fitting out. Christmas music plays inside. Feel free to board it and use it to get from place to place when you see it on any of the trains, but make sure you tell your small children it doesn’t mean it’s Christmas quite yet, it’s just being tried out.

As we do every year, the Hamptons Subway system gives out a free frozen 40-pound Butterball turkey to everyone who comes through the turnstiles just before the Thanksgiving holiday all day, like it or not. Pass through the turnstiles, wham, our volunteers give you the turkey. You must take it because we can’t have the rejected frozen turkeys piling up on the platforms. The turkeys used to be given out three days ahead of the holiday so you’d have time enough to prepare them, but now we will do it two days ahead because we’ve only now worked it out with the supplier. So, remember, it’s two days instead of three. Maybe a bit of a hurry-up for some of you. But just be aware.

Hamptons Subway Flagman Cornelius MacKrackenhorst will marry bookkeeper Jen Jett in our company cafeteria next Tuesday at 3 p.m. They met one year ago when MacKrackenhorst came in to complain about deductions in his pay and have not been apart since, except when they are both at work. (He works his red and green flags in the tunnel between Shinnecock and Southampton and she works on the top floor of our headquarters building, of course. Quite a view of Ponquogue Avenue from up there.) Guests are being informed that for gifts, arrangements have been made with the Hamptons Subway Gift Shop on Jobs Lane in Southampton for them.

“Eleven at Eleven” was quite a musical event we had on 11 of our platforms at 11 a.m. last Saturday. Many people listened to one of the 11 performers on one platform, but then took the subway to another station to hear a second performer. It was, of course, too difficult to get to more than just two. We’ll try to get them to play two hours next year. Would we have to change the name from “Eleven at Eleven” though? I’ll have to think about it. Maybe not.


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