Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin Host ‘New Years Eve Live’

Kathy Griffin and AndersonCooper will broadcast New Years Eve Live 2016 on CNN Thursday
Kathy Griffin and AndersonCooper will broadcast New Years Eve Live 2016 on CNN Thursday

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin will once again host CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live on Thursday night, promising a fun and always unpredictable broadcast. The CNN correspondent, who sold his Quiogue properties for more than $5 million in February, has hosted the show since New Year’s Eve 2002. Griffin has co-hosted with Cooper since 2007, and their unique rapport and dynamic has hooked audiences for the annual show ever since.

Griffin is known for her stand-up comedy, focusing on celebrity and entertainment gossip, as well as being a vocal gay rights proponent. The openly gay Cooper—ironically the “straight man” during their broadcast—is often mentioned in her act.

New Year’s Eve Live has courted controversy in the past, thanks to Griffin’s edgy humor. In 2009, Griffin’s use of a certain four-letter expletive, as well as joking about various stars and personalities, prompted rumors that the comedian would not be asked to return as host. But the rumors proved to be untrue, and Cooper (and CNN) have warmed to the hilarity that Griffin brings.

In 2011, Griffin stripped down to her bra and kissed Cooper. Last year, Griffin’s joking was more low-key—her biggest stunt was putting red and blue dye in Cooper’s gray hair.

Check out our interview with Griffin from her WHBPAC appearance earlier this year.

Cooper, who hosts Anderson Cooper 360°, is one of CNN’s most popular and famous correspondents. He also appears on CBS’s 60 Minutes and received acclaim for moderating the Democratic debate in October of this year.

Cooper is also collaborating with friend and fellow television personality and East Ender Andy Cohen (of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live) on AC2: An Intimate Meeting With Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen. This live tour, which promises both “deep talk and shallow tales,” features Cooper and Cohen discussing various aspects of their careers and friendship.

New Year’s Eve Live airs on CNN on Thursday, December 31 at 8 p.m. Watch two promos for this year’s broadcast below.

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