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Million Mollusk March for Moriches Bay Continues

The Moriches Bay Project, a nonprofit group with the aim to improve the water quality in Moriches Bay, has renewed fundraising efforts with the second round of the Million Mollusk March.

The Million Mollusk March is a plan to seed Moriches Bay with 1 million oysters, which are considered the workhorses of water filtering bivalves. Each oyster can filter 50 gallons of water a day, removing excess algae that can lead to brown tide, red tide and other deleterious water conditions. Each dollar donated equals 10 oysters seeded in the bay.

Using the crowdfunding website, the Million Mollusk March has a $27,500 fundraising goal. Last year, the campaign set a $20,000 goal and exceeded it, raising $22,466.

Moriches Bay Project’s accomplishments thus far include seeding 80,000 oysters, establishing the first oyster bed in Moriches Bay in more than a decade, installing the first water monitoring site in the bay, initiating bay steward classes, implementing a mentoring program and partnering with the town of Brookhaven to set up an oyster farm.

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