The Horse at the Montauk Lighthouse

Costume cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas
Cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas

Thinking about these people who dress up in costumes to ask tourists for money in Times Square to have their picture taken makes me think we ought to do this here on the East End. But I don’t think a Minnie Mouse or a Grover would work out here. Out here we celebrate farming and fishing.

My idea is to have some people dress up as a horse. You’d need two people. And then have this horse—a farm animal—out on the lawn at the Montauk Lighthouse. The tourists come, ask to have their pictures taken, the horse says okay but afterwards demands money.

This would also work if you had someone dress up as a Bessie the Cow. Or as George Washington. George Washington authorized the construction of the lighthouse in 1796. And you’d need only one person, so it would be half the cost. You’d also need only one person if you got somebody’s kid to dress up as a chicken.

I’m told that at in Times Square, the characters are now confined to one particular area. If you want your picture taken with Big Bird or Minnie Mouse, you go to that area. At the lighthouse, there’s plenty of room between the tower and the pump house.

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