Hugh Jackman Embarrasses Teen Son in Riptide Save

Hugh Jackman the hero
What has two thumbs and saves lives? THIS GUY! Photo: JavenLin, Stephen Lovekin/iStock Editorial, Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock

Hamptons regular Hugh Jackman is being hailed as a real life hero all over the internet this week after a video (watch it below) was released of him pulling his kids out of a riptide at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, but with at least one nubile, thong-clad woman nearby to witness the event, it’s likely the 47-year-old Wolverine actor’s 15-year-old son would’ve preferred his hunky dad let him drift out to sea.

The footage, which was first shown by Australia’s 9 News, shows Jackman helping a man get his feet under him before he and other swimmers joined together to pull his 10-year-old daughter Ava to safety out of a difficult rip. Helping his teenage son Oscar proved more difficult, but with some help from local lifeguards—drawing more attention to the situation and involving more people in the mortifying rescue—he too was eventually placed safely ashore.

Dan Conn, one of Jackman’s fellow swimmers who helped in the rescue, told 9 News the star is “a bit of a superdad, superhero, and he’s a super bloke too.”

Oscar might disagree.

Joking aside, Jackman has a history of heroic acts and genuine kindness. In 2013, he helped the Southampton Farmers Market’s Fat Ass Fudge vendor Donna McCue unload her product and set up her tent and table. “He went beyond the call of duty—he is the kindest man and he is as good as he looks,” McCue said at the time.

Let’s hope Jackman returns to the East End this summer. Lives may depend on it.

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