Experience Charter Fishing Trips off Long Island’s Spectacular East End

montauk fishing boat
Photo: Robert Lerich/123rf

Abundant waters, no-Instagram-filter-needed sunrises, and a passport to a day filled with relaxation, discovery and camaraderie with fellow passengers—a charter fishing trip off Long Island’s spectacular East End is an experience that you will not want to check off your bucket list only once.

Charter fishing trips are for everyone, attracting seasoned fishermen and boatmen, families and corporate parties.

Why is Long Island’s East End the best? Maybe it’s the vast array of wildlife you can spot from the sea, including sea turtles, porpoises, birds, and even whales! “Wildlife viewing is popular,” says Captain Michael Potts of the Blue Fin IV in Montauk.

The enormous attraction can also be due to those beautiful Long Island sunrises that color the horizon as your party sets out. Captain Potts says that no matter how many times customers sail with him, the beautiful sunrises always cause his passengers to get their cameras out to capture this slice of beautiful time.

Long Island’s East End also offers a unique experience thanks to experienced and passionate captains and crew. “I love seeing customers enjoy their day with family and friends” says Captain Joe Paradiso of the Nautic Lady in Greenport. These captains’ passion for wanting to give their customers a memorable trip is evident. “My mates and I work hard. We will stay out longer, and do what it takes to put your fish on the boat!” says Captain Paradiso. He also mentions the importance of being a “good steward of the sea.” It’s about teaching and about knowing what fish are good to keep, and which ones should be released for population control.

The quality and experience of a charter-fishing trip off Long Island’s East End could not have been captured better than in the photos on Captain Pott’s website of his customers with genuine smiles on their faces, and pure happiness in a day spent out on the Long Island waters.

Above all though, when embarking on your first charter-fishing trip, the key to enjoying yourself is being prepared. “Preparation is 90 percent of having a good time,” says Captain Potts. Below are some tips for making your first charter-fishing trip a great one!

Tips to Best Enjoy Your Charter Fishing Trip

The Day Before:
Get a reasonable amount of sleep and eat only mild foods.

What to Bring:
A light jacket, even if it will be a warm day. It’s usually cool in the morning and late afternoon.

A pair of medium-sized coolers—one stocked with iced beverages and the other stocked with sandwiches.

Boat shoes or sneakers are best in good weather. Do not wear sandals because of possible slipperiness on the deck.

For rainy weather, rubber boots are ideal, but you can also wear hiking boots or work shoes.

Be Sure to:
Hydrate and eat. Eat light if you are prone to seasickness (ham and cheese sandwiches are good, or bite-sized chicken)

Have a fantastic time!

Note: Many trips are child-friendly, but for first-timers and for the very young, it’s recommended that you start with one of the shorter trips.

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