Hamptons Best Art Instagram Accounts: Steampunk Lighting by Art Donovan

Art Donovan's Steampunk work, "Raven's Chamber"
Art Donovan's Steampunk work, "Raven's Chamber," Photo: @art_donovan on Instagram

Southampton multimedia artist and lighting designer Art Donovan may not be an art world household name like East End artists such as Richard Prince, Julian Schnabel or Ross Bleckner, but he stands as one of the world’s most important figures in the Steampunk subculture, which continues to grow and gain prominence in the world of art and design. Donovan’s sculptural lighting creations beautifully capture Steampunk’s mix of Victorian and futuristic aesthetics, and he remains one of the movement’s godfathers and greatest ambassadors, while also pushing boundaries, stretching the genre’s scope, and refusing to limit his vision to the very specific style he helped put on the map.

Donovan held the very first Steampunk art exhibition right here in Bridgehampton before taking a more comprehensive survey of the style to the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford, England in 2011 and, in 2014, the Hangaram Design Museum at the Seoul Art Center IDA in South Korea. He’s also published two books on the subject and he often lectures and consults about Steampunk.

His Steampunk lighting work, along with a number of other wonderfully imaginative and beautiful creations, is beautifully represented on Donovan’s @art_donovan Instagram account. Here, we share some of the best representations of his Steampunk work from that account, but there’s much more to see, including his designs on shows like HBO’s The Sopranos, so make sure to visit and see his paintings, drawing and other lighting marvels here.

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