5 Drinks at Dan’s GrillHampton 2016

Rum cocktail
Photo: Brent Hofacker/123RF

It’s one week until Dan’s GrillHampton kicks off on Friday, July 22 at Fairview Farm at Mecox in Bridgehampton. You can check out a sneak peek of the menu here, but what will you drink? There are so many options to sip along with all that deliciousness this Friday! Here are five to try as the grills start to blaze.

Sailor Jerry’s Backyard Tea
Think of this drink as an Arnold Palmer for grown-ups. Iced tea and lemonade in an ice-filled glass combines with Sailor Jerry Rum. This drink is a perfect start to your barbecue adventures, and an easy way to keep cool before the sun goes down.

Rum Diplomatico
In the summer heat it’s usually ill-advised to drink your spirits straight, but in this case you should make an exception. This 12-year-old premium sipping rum works beautifully in any form, straight or mixed, but you don’t want to waste a taste. Sip a sample during your carnivorous feast, and see what all the fuss is about.

Wicked Green
Sure it’s virgin, but Owl’s Brew Wicked Green is far from tame. The fresh-brewed green tea turns it up a notch with lemon, lime and spicy habanero.

Polar Bubble Bar
It’s not strictly one cocktail, but who can resist a seltzer drink on a summer night? Polar Seltzer will be serving up an assortment of cocktails at their Bubble Bar throughout the evening.

The Eastender
This mixed drink by Tito’s Handmade Vodka includes elderflower liqueur, fresh lime juice and Barritt’s Ginger Beer for a crisp and refreshing taste. Try it along with the sweet treats from the Ice Cream Patch as an easy way to cool off near the heat of the grills.

Dan’s GrillHampton is Friday, July 22 at Fairview Farm at Mecox, in Bridgehampton. For tickets and more, visit DansTasteofSummer.com.

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