Amagexit: Amagansett Leaves East End Union

Amagexit is underway, Photo: Andres Rodriguez/Hemera/Thinkstock, Erica Velasquez

On Tuesday, officials in Amagansett notified officials in neighboring villages of their recent decision—made in a closed-door meeting—to exit the East End Union (EEU).

The move, which has been nicknamed “Amagexit,” sent shockwaves across the South Fork. Numerous opponents of the idea took to the streets in protest, calling the Amagexit a potentially devastating move for Amagansett businesses and homeowners. The Hamptons Police Department was called to keep the peace.

According to officials, details have yet to be completely worked out, but among the changes in store once Amagexit takes effect is a shutting down of the free flow of commercial traffic through the village. This will involve the erection of guarded border crossings, where visitors will have to show ID and state a reason for proceeding into or through the hamlet, and will also have to indicate an expected length of stay.

Among those alarmed by the move is Angie Salett, chairman of the East End Coleslaw Authority. “By slowing the movement of important coleslaw transports to the far end of the fork, the Amagexit will put coleslaw supplies in jeopardy, not only in Amagansett but through all points east, and will unnecessarily detain our transport vehicles,” Salett said. “The Coleslaw Authority has labored ceaselessly to reduce interruptions in the local coleslaw supply, and this threatens to undo the real progress we have made.”

Police reported no significant injuries, and protests had calmed by nightfall on Tuesday, but the East End is bracing for the effects of this bold move by one of its union members.

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