Beatty Cohan Talks Love & Violence at East Hampton Library

'For Better, For Worse, Forever' book

On Saturday, July 23, Beatty Cohan, MSW, LCSW sex therapist and the host of ASK BEATTY on the Progressive Radio Network will host a presentation on domestic violence prevention at the East Hampton Library.

The event, Stop Domestic Violence Before It Starts: Never Make a Mistake in Love Again, will be in conjunction with The Retreat, a not-for-profit organization that provides domestic violence and sexual assault services. At the event, Cohan will be discussing how to determine whether or not someone is right for another before committing to any serious relationships. Cohan stresses that she helps adults and children of all ages who have difficulties with depression, addiction, anxiety, relationships and sexual problems, including early child sexual abuse.

Cohan will be presenting topics that can be found in her book, For Better, For Worse Forever: Discover the Path to Lasting Love. In this book, Cohan identifies a process describing how to discover whether or not a person is entering a healthy and safe relationship. Cohan stresses the first step, which is finding out about a potential partner’s background in relationships.

“It all begins in the beginning…Most people who are abusive have grown up in abusive relationships and they have not worked out their family issues. What they know is familiar and it is always an important clue to find out about someone’s family background. We have a responsibility to work out issues from our pasts,” said Cohan.

Cohan also thinks that the key to preventing abuse is recognizing what is and what is not healthy behavior in the beginning of a relationship. “There is so much focus on domestic violence. Rather than focusing on what ingredients actually go into a healthy relationship,” she said.

Cohan will also be presenting about local services for anyone who is in an abusive relationship and is in need of help and assistance.

The Retreat is a safe haven for families and individuals who are in crisis. The center provides support, safety and shelter for victims who have experienced sexual assault and domestic abuse. The Retreat offers legal advocacy, prevention education, a 24-hour bilingual hotline, counseling and emergency center. In 2014, the center received a grant from the New York State Department of Health to form Partners in Prevention, which addresses prevention of sexual violence towards youth in Nassau County.

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