Sag Harbor’s Last Park Downtown?

The beauty of public parkland in Sag Harbor
The beauty of public parkland in Sag Harbor, Photo: Oliver Peterson

There is one stretch of beachfront in downtown Sag Harbor that has not been developed. It’s to the left of the bridge to North Haven as you face it, behind the 7-Eleven, and if it became a park it would double the size of the public beachfront parkland currently facing out into the harbor. But it could also become condominiums.

Last year, a corporation proposed to build a luxury residential community there. It would consist of 11 condos, a private beach and a dock for 11 boats. And there would be no public access.

The developer, Greystone Property Development Corp., has pressed their case to get the approvals it needs. The response from Sag Harbor Village has been—since a new mayor took over—forget it, it’s going to be a park. The village has even discussed possibly taking the property by eminent domain.

Until now, Greystone has remained adamantly unwilling to modify or compromise their project. But now the village and the developers are singing a new tune. They are trying to work out a compromise. It might be possible to set back some condos from a public beach and as such maximize both the size of a new park and a development of residences behind it.

There’s more to come, we hope. And there is always eminent domain.

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