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Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon Sing Horse-Themed Cover of ‘Free Fallin’

Did Jimmy Fallon just write a theme song for the Hampton Classic?

The multitalented East Ender has once again shown his musical side on The Tonight Show. In the latest of Fallon’s “First Drafts of Rock” songs, Fallon appears as Mike Campbell with Kevin Bacon as Tom Petty circa 1989 with a “cover” of “Free Fallin.’”

“She loves horses. She also loves rainbows…and horses too! She loves ponies, but not as much as horses,” Bacon sings. As the song goes on, horses become the focal point of the lyrics. “I’m free….free horsin!” the two eventually belt out.

Bacon and Fallon do great impressions of Petty and Campbell, respectively, and while the two are obviously “horsing” around, their excellent singing skills are on full display.

The Hampton Classic runs through Sunday—perhaps Fallon will make an appearance for impromptu performance of his latest hit? (Don’t count on it.)

Check out the video below.

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